Ontario NDP supports campaign against Israel

First it was the federal Green Party under Elizabeth May. Now it’s Ontario’s Dippers.

The Ontario NDP under leader Andrea Horwath have included in their literature for this weekend’s conference in Toronto a resolution supporting the hateful Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement against Israel.

The motion, ironically numbered 9-11 and obtained by the Toronto Sun, is hidden in plain sight on page 83 under Justice and Human Rights.

If the public service unions decide that supporting Wynne brings too much heat on the kleptocracy this move by the NDP may sway them to make Horwath their designated puppet rather than Patsy Brown.

  • Shuali

    These NDP idiots along with the Liberals under Trudeau are not fit to run a country like Canada. They will always take the low road to get to the maximum number of voters regardless of the issues involved. The BDS movement will implode, as it has always done, and along with it these pseud-leaders will as well.
    I might just mention that our PM has been photographed numerous times praying in mosques but not once in a synagogue! So much for a level playing field or ‘diversity’.

    • But it will win them Muslim votes and their numbers are over 5% in the GTA, specific ridings may as well be considered Caliphates. That’s what is at stake with this move.

  • David Murrell

    Good investigative article by Sue-Ann Levy. My worry is that, in the upcoming Ontario election campaign, if the Wynne Liberals remain far behind, the corporate media cartel might plump for the Horwath NDP. Media giants like CBC News, the Star and the Globe and Mail are anti-Semitic to start, so boycotting Israeli Jews wouldn’t be a problem for the establishment media.

    • ontario john

      The Toronto Star will never abandon the federal or provincial Liberal Parties. Why do you think the retired publisher of the Star got that plum diplomatic post in Chicago.

      • David Murrell

        Good one, and I stand corrected. I am in the boonies here in New Brunswick, and miss out on a lot of the where’s-my-bribe? corruption.

    • The Public service unions will decide that.

    • Waffle

      It may start with “Israeli Jews”, but it won’t end there. So far, CJN maintaining radio silence on this one.

      • David Murrell

        Agreed. I let my paper subscription to the CJN lapse, when it went into a temporary publication suspension a few years ago. I chose not to re-subscribe to the electronic version under the then-new editor, fearing it had drifted to the left.

        BCF has reposted many articles from Jonathan Halevi’s CIJ News — and I have bookmarked and enjoy reading that publication. Since I dont’ read CJN news, I haven’t followed how politically correct it has become. If there is a serious problem with it, I wonder if it has received any blowback from Israel-supporting Jews. Any loss in readership of CJN means more readers for CIJ news.

  • ontario john

    And of course the socialist main line churches, like the United Church also supports the boycott.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Socialisms Roots are anti semitic, they can’t breath without it.

  • deplorabledave

    Today In Vote Whoring With Tax Dollars: Wynne Gives Millions To Islamic Hell Holes

    First that now this. I suggest you check the water in Ontario.

  • Gary

    Back in 2006 I remember a News item from Windsor that was a pro-Hezballah coverage for a rally . The photo was a wide shot of the crowd with Black Niqabs and other jew-hating men in funny hats.
    BUT…..on stage was the NDP M.P. and a rep from the CAW that was their to support the muslim terrorists in Lebanon. That story was in the Windsor STAR but NEVER made it to the Toronto STAR and the CBC.

    The CAW loves to tell Canadians to Buy -Domestic and support the CAW . But I stopped buying CAW cars around 2000 over other issues where the Members were having their Dues raped for Political funding because it assure more Bail-Outs.

    I had to laugh when Buzz Hargrove took the stage with Paul Martin to give him the CAW support which was at the same time Magna’s Belinda Stranach crossed the floor from to join the Liberals.
    Magna was a non-Union company that helped the non-union Japanese Plants under cut CAW cars to see the GM plants close down or reduce to one Shift and hundreds of job were lost .
    It was like seeing Bernie Farber from the HRC at Queen’s park with Wynne as they meet with an Imam that support hamas and owns shares in the company that make Cremation Ovens and railway Box cars .

    • John Boy

      If you have any links to those items it would be greatly appreciated.


      • Gary

        Here’s a basic link for a Hezbollah support from Windsor that lived there from 2000-2008. This is why I predicted that Windsor will be used by muslims terrorist to fire rockets North onto Detroit as Hezbollah used Lebanon to fire rockets on israel from the Borders .

        Once I saw the pattern for how muslms think once fully corrupted by the quran …. it’s becomes easy to predict what they will do in Canada.

        About 12 year ago I predicted that human bombs would be the next phase for terrorists to get through Airport security.
        Sure enough , about 1 year later I read a story about a Plane being bombed by Drug gangs opposed to the Government . A women was used to carry on a New Born that had a bomb put inside it by surgery that was pressure sensitive .
        The women was check over and search while the baby wasn’t even looked at……once the plane hit about 20,000 the baby blew-up to slaughter everyone on the Flight .

        These are sick people with no respect for life or will slaughter a baby for their cause.
        Muslims have now used running shoes and diapers as wearable bombs. But I did alert someone in the FBI to monitor Hospital record
        for elective surgery by young Muslims male getting a Intestinal By-pass to remove about 4 feet when they don’t have an obesity issue.
        Creating a cavity to make space for a gel based bomb would help hide it as the person would still have a flat belly area .
        Today the TSA has body scanners that people bitch about but not many knew about the baby-bomb case because it wasn’t widely reported which would have given terrorist ideas .

      • Gary

        I found this News item where the CBC didn’t seem to care about reporting it.

        The jew-hating pro-terrorism muslims in Windsor had rented a CBS billboard to promote Hezballah .

        http://www.debbieschlussel.com/1689/the-windsor-hezbollah-billboardcbs-violates-federal-law/ https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/782b6bc5eb5b77af405f274e4953486c45a47047d59e5d9a028d86d2cc01df6a.jpg

        In August of 2006 I found a small notice posted by Sheema Khan from the hamas-linked CAIR that was on the website for the Muslimfest in Mississauga . The notice told muslims that their Zakat was halal to Donate to fund that will support the war in Lebanon by their muslims brothers fighting the israeli aggression and crimes .
        When I contacted the media and Liberals , they didn’t care because Carolyn Parish was the Liberal MP for that area and I saw her give a quote to the ARAB2000 website News to promote the Muslimfest as good for fighting racism in Canada where non-muslims to visit it .

  • Oracle9

    Every pubic BDS proponent must be held accountable for their calls for genocide.

  • Scratch an NDP …

    • Maggat

      Just be careful that you don’t accidentally transfer a drop of blood, you wouldn’t like to contact rabies, now would you?

  • Alain

    Progressive political parties are parties of hate, again a thing they share with Islam. They had productive, successful people, they hate people with values and a moral compass, they hate sovereignty and national pride and of course they hate Israel because it is the sole Jewish state on the planet and a very successful and thriving one at that surrounded by a multitude of failed backwater Muslim states.

  • Durant Durant

    Fake news. The motion didn’t even reach the floor for debate so the Sun claiming it’s “NDP policy” is a bald faced lie.