How anti-racist campaigners re-racialised schools

For years, government officials and assorted experts have emphasised the problem of racism in education. Even as British society has become palpably less racist, more and more policy, advice and guidance has descended on schools. There has been much focus on both the spectre of racist playground incidents and the low attainment of black pupils. And, in recent years, such official interference has actually worked to re-instate racial thinking.

  • mauser 98
  • Alain

    Only white countries in the West are obsessed with “racism” and impose a multitude of programs and laws to enforce the acceptance of all others by the native white population, ignoring the discrimination by the others. You don’t find this insanity elsewhere such as Asia, Africa, the Middle East or even Eastern Europe. The irony is that these programs and laws end up creating racism where it did not exist prior, and the programs themselves are pure racism insisting on identifying not individuals but a members of a racial collective. Thus ends judging of individuals based on their character and behaviour.

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    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Exactly! Now, back to my Mark Twain reading…..

  • Martin B

    “Even as British society has become palpably less racist, more and more policy, advice and guidance has descended on schools”

    Well yes. Less racism means less opportunity for race mongering parasites to make money and gain power. They have to poison the well to stay in business.

  • Gary

    In the 1960’s I saw the division in Toronto for the classism and then the religious bias for Catholics and Protestants while Blacks saw more verbal abuse the violence .

    Today , we see the harvest after 40+ years of liberalism where Blacks are now in TCHC as Wards Of The State while the Diversity Quota for jobs treats them as Disabled to get hired with a lowered standard for Skills .
    Islam is now the religious bias but has disdain for all other faiths in Toronto and is now trying to take over the Public schools and make them a De Facto Madrassa with a Mosque inside and Halal compliant Lunch Rooms to ban pork.
    We have teen girls that aspire to be unwed mothers because of the generous Welfare Industrial Complex where they can go through life without having to get a full-time job.
    Toronto also has over 60 Nationalities and Services in 100+ languages as well as over 300,000 tourists that didn’t want to leave and are now eligible for all the Social services as illegals in the Sanctuary City for non-Citizen .
    Then there is the BLM Urban terrorists tied to the Muslim Brotherhood that John Tory and Wynne seem to embrace and give them a Peace Award just for NOT rioting yet and torching the City .

    Census Canada reports show that Toronto is about to be a majority non-white City and non-canadian background……. so who will these people use a a scapegoat for their short comings , crimes and poverty when Whitey is the oppressed and the 50 shades of Brown are the oppressor ????

    We heard for decades now that the USA will be better and more Just once Blacks get into Power to stop the White corruption and bigotry…….but Obama and his team just invalidated that Mantra by the list of scandal in the CIA NSA DHS DOJ IRS on top of the Hillary crimes and lies to conspire with Obama to blame the 4 deaths in Benghazi on a youtube video because muslims are prone to terrorism and the Video maker should have known that.