Denial & obfuscation about islam fuels growing distrust – Douglas Murray

In answer to the question of how much attention to give to terrorists, Douglas Murray talks common sense about the right kind of attention, and argues that denial & obfuscation about islamic terrorism only breed more distrust of both media and government.

h/t Marvin

  • Gary

    It’s not just denial but the lies used to play the victim.
    When a self-identifying muslims goes jihad and slaughter people while citing quranic verses and praising god in arabic…..the have the media and Imam’s claim it has NOTHING to do with islam or being a muslim.
    But when an Imam alleges vandalism to his mosque while not having 1 witness or video evidence for who did it……the media and muslims quickly call it a hate-crime and islamophobia that has Everything to do with islam.
    When a muslims women alleges an assault over her hijab…muslims become a monolithic group that adopt the attack by-proxy and cry racism that Muslims are under attack.

    They can’t have it both ways where Jihadist muslims have nothing to do with islam but any attack on a muslim is a collective pain vicariously.
    I’m still waiting for amuslims give me the list of those islamic nations that have the alleged 99% peaceful msulims because 10 nations sanction murdering gays while 16 don’t allow Israelis to enter and then therte are the ones that have child-bride pedophilia.

  • Tokenn

    They are still dancing very hard around the fact that terrorism has to do with ideology. Remember when terrorists were communists? Communism/Marxism has died as a straight-up national political ideology, although it still exists on university campuses and in a diluted form in many [most?] governments. Islam is a political ideology as well as a religion, and it has to be attacked in an intellectual, ideological fashion. Until this happens, until The West and its public institutions decide to purify and promote ideologies that resist Islam, we aren’t going to get anywhere.

    In a way, it’s true that terrorism can’t seriously hurt us…but when it causes our public institutions government, media, churches etc. to surrender to Islam and pander to it, THAT is the real danger. I think we’ll get there eventually…too many individuals are aware of the problem and talking about it. But there’ll be plenty of pain and blood in the meantime.