Continental Breakfast – Liberal Insanity Issue

Toasted Pecan Pancakes with Brown Butter Bourbon Peach Syrup

Maple syrup, it’s over. No offense. It’s not you, it’s me. Actually, it’s not me either. It’s Brown Butter Bourbon Peach Syrup. When I started out I thought it was just going to be a one-time thing, but who am I kidding? There’s no going back now.

Huffington Post Blogger Declares Trump Supporters Deserve to Die

“Trump Supporters Deserve to Die More Than I Do,” wrote Chris Cali, an artist and musician who has contributed to the Huffington Post since 2014. The post has since been taken down, but survives in archive form.

Cali complained after Trump dropped the country’s largest non-nuclear bomb on an Islamic State stronghold in Afghanistan, insisting the president was about to throw the world into nuclear war. That was bad, Cali explained, because the nuclear bombs would target major cities instead of the American heartland.

MORE INSANITY: Pomona College Students, Alumni Call For Professor’s Termination

The Pomona College students and alumni who penned this letter are continuing their trend of policing the ideas that are promulgated on campus. Not only do these ingrates want to control who gets invited onto campus to present their differing viewpoints, but they also wish to set standards of what ideas should be taught to the entire student body. This kind of insanity is worse than McCarthyism; it goes back to the intellectual purges that occurred in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.

White House guests Zoe Strauss (right) and Matty Hart (left) are seen flipping off a portrait of Ronald Reagan.

Here’s What ‘The View’ Called ‘The Saddest Day In The History Of The White House’ Since 1814

Remarking on Kid Rock, Sarah Palin, and Ted Nugent visiting the White House Wednesday, the Friday panel on “The View” was almost uniformly outraged that the three had taken a snap in front of the basement’s portrait of Hillary Clinton.

It lead Joy Behar to ask, “Is this the saddest day in in the history of the White House since the British burned it to the ground in 1814?”

“I think so,” replied co-host Sunny Hostin.

Sara Haines, for her part, was upset that one member of the group wanted to flip off the portrait of Hillary Clinton, which they didn’t. “You’re in the White House. Bring a little class with you.”

Five Things You Can Do To Tackle Racism During The Election (UK)

Recognize xenophobic rhetoric, understand why it is so damaging, and challenge the narrative. Words really do matter. Portraying migrants as a “flood”, or refugees as “terrorists”, dehumanizes them and misrepresents them as an existential threat to our society. Anti-immigrant and xenophobic rhetoric among politicians in the UK has emboldened people to carry out racist attacks. Even the UN Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination and the European Commission Against Racism and Intolerance have made appeals to the government to clean up their speech.

Black Man Accused of Leaving ‘No Black People Allowed’ Hoax Sign at U Of Southern California

The University of Southern California has apparently identified the person who put up a “No Black People Allowed” sign and a Confederate flag on campus as a black man who’s not studying at the university.

According to The Tab, the university’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) is currently questioning the man, suspecting he recently put up the inflammatory placard together with a Confederate flag and “#MAGA” – meaning President Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”.

Hillary Clinton tells LGBT advocates: ‘gay rights are human rights’

Hillary Clinton told an audience of LGBT advocates Thursday night that the progress they’ve achieved in recent years may not be secure under the Donald Trump administration, and urged them to keep fighting.

“I know that the election hit a lot of us hard,” Clinton said of her bitter loss to Trump in November. “But I can tell you this: Even when it feels tempting to pull the covers over your head, please keep going.”

Special Gun Rights for Muslims?!

When I applied for my Canadian firearms licence after passing my federally mandated PAL and RPAL courses, the RCMP got all of my information. They asked for everything from medical history, relationship history, familial structures, and a photograph.

However, when I recently logged online to renew my license, I noticed something peculiar:

An exception to the usual regulation requiring a photograph, citing religious exemption!

h/t JEH

YouTube Unhides LGBT Videos From Young Viewers

YouTube Vice President of Product Management Johanna Wright announced in a blog post Friday that engineers have “fixed an issue” with Restricted Mode, an optional video-filtering feature designed to hide “potentially inappropriate content.” YouTube noted that “12 million additional videos of all types—including hundreds of thousands featuring LGBTQ+ content—are [now] available in Restricted Mode.”

UN says nuclear deterrence will ‘not work’ in damning report

There will be “catastrophic” consequences when “luck runs out” on nuclear deterrence, the United Nations (UN) has warned in a major report which highlights the massive risk of an accidental or deliberate use of the world’s most deadly weapons.

The “poor relations” between nuclear powers has contributed to an atmosphere that “lends itself to the onset of crisis,” said the report by the UN Institute for Disarmament Research.

Donald Trump has ‘dangerous mental illness’

Mental health experts claimed the President was “paranoid and delusional”, and said it was their “ethical responsibility” to warn the American public about the “dangers” Mr Trump’s psychological state poses to the country.

Speaking at the conference at Yale’s School of Medicine on Thursday, one of the mental health professionals, Dr John Gartner, a practising psychotherapist who advised psychiatric residents at Johns Hopkins University Medical School, said: “We have an ethical responsibility to warn the public about Donald Trump’s dangerous mental illness.”

CO2 ‘Far More Deadly’ than Assad Chemical Weapons to Syrian Children

If President Donald Trump really cared about Syrian children “killed by noxious gases,” Juan Cole argues, he would protect them from global warming and carbon dioxide – a “far more deadly gas.”

“The pictures of suffering children, Trump said, had touched him,” Cole wrote. “Yet the president and most of his party are committed to increasing the daily release of hundreds of thousands of tons of a far more deadly gas—carbon dioxide.”

France’s New Normal

If we overreact to this attack on Paris then terrorism will ‘just never end’

“It just never ends,” says Donald Trump, referring to the shooting in Paris last night. He is right, but not as he means it. What never ends is the readiness of politicians to rush to publicise and thus enhance and promote terrorist incidents. Once again Islamic State’s useful idiots are turning a violent crime on a Paris street into a global event. French ministers are plunging into their bunker. French election candidates are cancelling their campaigns. The only sane response was from an early jogger in the Champs Élysées. Asked how she could be in such a place, she replied: “Why not? We continue as normal.”