Commies ahead of their time…

During the 1970s and 80s, communist East Germany spent millions on drug programs for female athletes that essentially aimed to turn women into men.

Readers may recall some of the more, er, robust East German track and field competitors from that steroid-soaked era. Next to your various Ingas and Friedas, poor little drug-free female athletes looked like pre-teen children.

  • David Murrell

    I caught a women’s 800 m race, during the last Olympics, where three African women, all with abnormally high testosterone levels, finished some 20+ metres ahead of the field. That scene was hilarious, but what was even funnier was the politically-correct commentary by the sportscasters. The Olympic women’s medals in the future will be dominated by transsexual men.

    Btw, the woman shot putter pictured took so many drugs, she changed her sex to a man. A broken man, since her (his?) bones and muscles were too abused by excessive drug taking for her to walk pain free.

  • tom_billesley

    I remember Tamara and Irina Press, sisters from the Soviet Union, competing at the Rome and Tokyo Olympics. They retired before there was gender verification.

  • Waffle

    So this is what it has come down to — a freak show in the guise of a high-priced sporting event.

    I guess Fukiyama (The End of History) was right. We have already achieved perfection (sarc.) so all that remains is continuity at any cost even if that means faking it.

    But I am being too judgmental . To be PC, I should have used the “proper” term — post-modern instead of “fake”.

  • ontario john

    Is that feminist Trudeau in that picture??

    • David Murrell


  • Hard Little Machine

    Just eliminate sex segregation in all sports.

  • kkruger71

    Back in 84 I would have never dreamed this would ever be considered the most offensive scene from the movie Top Secret.

  • Frances

    And think about the women’s team from East Germany which dominated many sports at the Montreal Olympics. The same standard with respect to removing their medals and records should be applied as has been to subsequent doping teams. However, it is my understanding that those women have had major health problems over the years, and many have died prematurely, because of the doping regimes to which they were subjected. So they do have my pity: they may have won medals, but it was to the glory of the Deutsche Demokratische Republik and with total disregard to their health or well-being.

  • Barrington Minge

    Is that “caitlyn jenner”?