Canada weakens citizenship while Australia strengthens it

Canada now has the weakest immigration rules in the English-speaking world.

Under Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Canada has reduced the barriers for citizenship while others across the West are heading in the opposite direction. Our allies are strengthening citizenship rules to meet the new reality that our borders—and, increasingly, our values—are under siege.

  • H

    Ah yes, Canada, always such a courageous innovator and a leader in international affairs. So tolerant and polite (never islamophobic) as we circle the drain for the last time without so much as a peep of protest. Take a deep breath: we’re going under.

    • Alain

      In spite of that being the way Liberals think (not saying you are one), Canada is at most a small, insignificant pimple on the world stage.

  • JoKeR
    • andycanuck

      I’ve got two Aussie friends. One is a Collingwood supporter; the other is a Carleton supporter. I’ve never seen them fight. Much.

  • Gary

    Trudeau is ignoring the tsunami of terrorism and Jihad for the caliphate.
    It’s like the massive Tsunami in December that wiped out 200,000 muslims while Sri Lanka and Somalia didn’t order people to move inward away from the coast.

    Toronto is starting to look like London or Paris from 15 years ago where the Leaders were in denial of islamic terrorism threats while mosques spewed hatred every Friday. It’s now a sanctuary City like San Fran that is a hell-hole with illegals and street people that are serious drug addicts and rob people while the Police are told to not ask criminals their status in the USA.
    Toronto has the guns&gangs , 300,000+ illegals , Welfare Industrial Complex , high homicide rates and all the traits of being close to imploding as the debt races higher to make John Tory the $ Six Billion Dollar Man.

    • El Martyachi

      But surely there’s a downside.

  • Watchman

    An Australian ‘values’ test is likely to be useless as it will likely ask stupid questions about sports, history, regalia, etc. A useful ‘test’ should cover useful cultural and legal issues such as:
    “Women have exactly the same rights as men in laws, child custody and inheritance. T/F”
    “The head of a family has the right to physically prevent an adult woman in his household from leaving the family home. T/F”
    “Women can be beaten if they disobey their husbands: (A) Yes, (B) As a last resort, (C) Never, their husband could be jailed for doing so, (D) Only with the approval of their religious leaders”
    “Money can be offered to government employees in order to speed up their handling of issues for you. T/F”
    “An drunk woman in a revealing dress has already consented to sex with any man. T/F”
    “Religious laws take precedence over secular laws if they conflict with each other. T/F”
    “Rubbish may be thrown from a car: (A) To keep the car clean, (B) If your trash bins are full, (C) If nobody is watching, (D) If you don’t mind large fines for doing so”
    “Queuing for services: (A) is for old and weak people, (B) is the socially acceptable behaviour, (C) only if you’re not in a hurry, (D) Can be ignored if you have an important issue that needs you to go first.”
    “You own the kerbside public road outside your house and have the exclusive rights to park your car there. T/F”
    “If you find something valuable on the road: (A) You must hand it in to a police station, (B) You can keep it under all circumstances, (C) You can keep it as long as your estimate of its value is less than $10,000, (D) You can keep it as long as you didn’t see who lost it”
    “You have the right to defend your religion by violence if you hear someone denigrating it. T/F”
    “You can get the government to enforce an arranged marriage. T/F”
    “Companies and government employers are required to accomodate your religious holidays and allow you time off with pay for religious practices. T/F”

    All of their answers must become part of an immigrant’s government record. The answers can be used in court if the immigrant later attempts to excuse their actions by claiming ignorance at criminal sentencing, with the ability to have their citizenship revoked if they attempt to do so.

  • We are a “post-national” country.

    That is, in actuality, an airport.

  • terrence22

    This article might splain why TrueDOPE is in the mental shape that he is in (from Newsweek of all places, via Maggie’s Farm