“Welcome to Europe’s 4 capitals of anti-Semitism”

If I wrote from the point of view of my personal interest as a non Jew, I would tell Europe’s Jews: stay here, on our side, because your departure would bring irreparable harm. If I look at what better serves the interests of the Jews, it would not be so unthinkable to advise them to pack and leave for Israel, as thousands are doing every year.

If the Jews want to live in a healthy, free, democratic, tolerant and modern Europe, they have to fight for Israel. Separating the fate of European Jews from that of Israel is the greatest deception of the anti-Semites, from the Iranian ayatollahs to the leftist radical chic.

  • Frances

    Visited Slovakia some years ago – saw a couple of synagogues in Kosice, one of which was obviously abandoned. Then chanced to visit Poprad, and saw a tablet memoriaiizing the first shipment of Jews to the camps. Slovakia has a troubled history when it comes to WW II but – given it was essentially occupied by either the Germans or the Hungarians (who were working in concert with the Germans) – there were few options open to the Slovaks other than the private resistance and sheltering of Jews as occurred in Poland.

  • Brett_McS

    I think the author misses the reason for the antagonism toward Israel. The reason is not “the oft-repeated lie”, it is psychological. My comment at the article:

    I would suggest that the antagonism toward Israel is a matter of psychological transference of the fear of Islam. Pretend that the benign, peace-loving and far-away nation of Israel is the enemy and thereby hide the real fear of the growing, malign presence of Islam.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Europe has about 1.3 million Jews today. That’s about a 6th of its pre war population. The who leave now are young people and families. If 10% of the young families leaves that’s a tipping point. Jewish population in Europe will plummet in a decade regardless.