Teacher Allegedly Banned Students From Wearing Crosses

A high school teacher in Tampa, Fla., has allegedly banned at least three students from wearing Christian cross necklaces, according to a letter sent to the superintendent of the school district.

Liberty Counsel, a nonprofit litigation group that promotes religious freedom, in a letter to Hillsborough County Public Schools Superintendent Jeff Eakins detailed math teacher Lora Jane Riedas’ actions.

The letter claims Riedas told at least three students they could not wear their Christian crosses.

h/t Marvin

  • Alain

    If true, and it would not surprise me anymore, the teacher needs to be disciplined for overreach of authority.

    • Clausewitz

      Just fire her ass for infringing on the students fundamental rights of free expression.

  • Oracle9

    No surprise – progressives and vampires always did have a ghoulish similarity to me.

  • BillyHW

    A male math teacher would have taught math.

    • Frances

      Not necessarily – there are male teachers out there who are equally seriously into indoctrination of their students.

      • Jenniferrvines

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  • El Martyachi
  • Gary

    She only banned them in the Library/Mosque on Friday’s . She knows how prone to beheading’s and suicide-bombing the followers of islam are ,so it’s safer to oppress the non-followers of islam than risk a Fort Hood moment or a Paris style slaughter to behead and gut the students like animals .

    Peel School Board is giving the followers of islam a Mosque in the public school to avoid havingtheir homes fire-bombed of relatives beheaded in public like Theo van Gogh or the UK soldier Rigby .
    When John Tory and Premier Wynne say they Respect islam , my decoder ring translates that into ‘ we fear islams terrorism ‘ .