Soros And MasterCard Join Forces To Profit From Immigration

Radical currency speculator George Soros is scheming to profit from the illegal immigration crises in the United States and the European Union that he was instrumental in creating.

Soros traffics in revolution and human misery. His devious business deals have brought the financial systems of the United Kingdom and Malaysia to their knees. Soros helped finance the 1989 “Velvet Revolution” in then-Czechoslovakia. He acknowledged having orchestrated coups in Croatia, Georgia, Slovakia, and Yugoslavia.

h/t RM

  • andycanuck

    I guess MasterCard has always been against anyone acquiring a Visa, and are just taking it to the next level.

    • Alain

      Good one.

  • Barry Thornton

    Trump should send a SEAL team after this imp of Satan.

    • El Martyachi

      A half dozen MOABS on his presumable volcano lair..

      • ntt1

        he is developing into a bond quality villain isn’t he? I hope he isn’t co-opting unfortunate cats

    • andycanuck

      I’m hoping the Hungarians arrest him and his closest family members and extradite them to Russia.

  • Tooth&Claw

    Might be time to sever any connections to Mastercard if you’re able.

  • DMB

    MasterCard: Getting into debt slavery by paying the minimum monthly balance never to be able to pay the principal off. PRICELESS!

  • J. C.

    Looks like I’m applying for a VISA next week…

  • Shebel

    An employee that I once had——informed me that he needed his pay check early.
    No problem! I said the banks are open until 9 .
    He didn’t have a bank account so it was out of the question.

    He went and cashed his fucking check at ‘Check Cashers’ or whatever—
    They charged 15% of his GROSS.

    I proceeded to inform him that he was a fucking Dummy and that —
    I would cash his cheque for a miserly 10%.

    He thought that I was taking advantage of him.
    So I went down to 5 %.

    This really pissed him off.
    I told him that he was fool.
    He told me that I was taking advantage of him.

    Fuck Him.

    • Alain

      Been there, done that. I mean trying to reason with someone like that.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It sounds like money laundering