Rise of the $100,000 teacher

Ontario’s government recently published its annual “Sunshine List”, which identifies government-sector employees earning more than $100,000 per year.

Given the strong evidence of a significant pay premium in Ontario for government employees over comparably skilled and educated private-sector counterparts, it’s no surprise the list gets plenty of attention every year.

This year, one particular category of public-sector employees is worthy of extra scrutiny — public school teachers.

This is why Kathleen Wynne and the liberal party have retained power. This is Ontario’s Public Service Union kleptocracy at work.

  • passerby1969

    The teachers are arriving at the $100,000 mark because of cost of living expenses. That’s like objecting a a house costing 400,000 today when it was originally worth 40,000. There are deep problems in education. 1 major problem is that not enough money is spent on class textbooks for subjects (and that is a problem with too much salary going to teachers). However, inflationary raises are not the problem.

    • albertasaurus

      The $100,000 mark is only the beginning. Let’s not forget the very generous and early retirement, the large number of holidays, and the relatively short average work day and one sees a cadre of amongst the most privileged people in Canadian society, yet of sub-par academic abilities and above par whining skills.

      • It’s simple. The government panders to the teachers and the teachers vote accordingly.

        Inflation, schminflation.

        • albertasaurus

          For sure. The same thing has happened in Alberta. Now, we have the NDP running and ruining everything with 25% of every dollar of gov’t spending being borrowed, yet no attempts to rein in our over-priced civil service.

      • marty_p

        Teaching seems to be one of the ultimate/dream jobs – short work hours per day (and don’t let any teacher BS that they have to prepare lesson plans – my old neighbour was a French teacher and he had all his lesson plans filed from previous years and he’d re-use them over and over again – last time I checked ancient history hadn’t changed since last year.), lots of paid holidays + vacation and a defined benefit pension plan (which for most workers has now gone the way of the Dodo bird.).
        IMHO the only better job I can think of (which I was turned down for) is the bra fitter at Victoria’s Secret in the Toronto Eaton Centre.

        • I used to make my lesson plans and hand-outs. Often, I would re-use them. Sometimes, I would make fresh ones.

          Planning lessons DOES take some doing. A good teacher will do that and create or recycle accordingly.

          However, I’ve heard of the lazy “educators” who take lesson plans from others. They do so little work.

    • WalterBannon

      Bull.. Compare it relative to comparable private sector wages and overall wage growth, not against costs for goods which have far outpaced wages in their inflation.

  • Gary

    With 1,300,000 adult voters in the Government funded Unions…. Liberals are running a ponze scheme to buy election. i can also assure you that the lack of Protests by CUPE over the Hydro rates is because they will be saved from the burden in the next Contract with Wynne and John Tory to give them a huge raise as part of the COLA .

    Since Paul Martin hid his wealth outside of Canada….. Taxes are for suckers , not Liberals.