Rex Murphy: If the eco-fanatics hate Justin Trudeau this much, imagine what they think of you

That Justin Trudeau is a genial and pleasant-tempered man may not be “a truth universally acknowledged,” but that he is as close to that perfect status as any human being is likely to get is not a proposition inviting dissent. From Flare to Vogue the oracles agree that our Prime Minister is the very model of a modern Major-General … er, Prime Minister.

  • ntt1

    How do you start? he’s a feminist/mangina, quebecois, an obvious victim of transplacental halucinogens ,and he likes and curries favour with the eco fascists, on top of that the poor lad is thick as a brick, a pathetic marionette for his handlers pond scum butts and his islamophile brother.

    • Alain

      Perfect description.

      • Jenniferrvines

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    • Dave

      And those are his good points

  • Millie_Woods

    I hope he gets cancer of the rectum and it spreads to his armpit so he has to take off his shirt to shit. Fuck his ‘geniality’, he’s selling out Canada to the globalists, who are doing everything they can to appease islam.

  • mauser 98

    ‘my soldiers can eat their belts , but my limos & jets gotta have gas’