Mizzou, a five-star political correctness U, unaccountably faces empty dorms

From Tom Knighton at PJMedia:

Perhaps nothing better foretold what was ahead for American college campuses like the November 2015 protests at the University of Missouri. The prolonged protests featured professor Melissa Click calling for “some muscle” to evict a student journalist from a public space, giving us a pretty good glimpse of how the left is again embracing violence and intimidation over debate.

The fervent embrace of Correctness resulted in three dorms being shuttered due to a 23% decline in enrollment. Knighton adds,

As the parent of a high school student, I watched the events in Missouri and knew I wouldn’t support my child being anywhere near such an environment. Despite taking place around the same time as the shrieking Yale student, that seemed to be an isolated event, and not representative of the administration’s competence or the student body’s makeup. Missouri, however, boasted faculty assaulting a student on video and another lashing out against journalists, and a large portion of the student body whipping up race tensions. More.

Reality check: It’s sad when people who just happened to be there are affected. But the obvious solution is: Don’t be one of the people who just happen to be there! Take action against Correctness first.

Alternatively Mizzou could enthusiastically embrace its mission to train Orwell’s Outer Party and turn those empty dorms into recruitment and training centres. The next truly progressive US government will offer free tuition.

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    Just raise tuition. Price and cost have never stopped idiots from spending 6 years getting a 4 year degree at one of these places.

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    Argh, she be a lusty banshee of a witch and will also make a fine cook’s helper and such after a few months under sail at sea.

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      Argh, have ye lost ye mind me bucko? Raise ye eye patch and take a gander at the wench! The stuff of nightmares I tells ye!

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    “Mizzou could enthusiastically . . . turn those empty dorms into recruitment and training centres.”

    Mizzou administrators: Don’t forget to name one of those empty dorms “Melissa Click House of Re-Education”.