March for Science: Neil DeGrasse Tyson thinks science denial dismantles democracy

Article Image From Tracy Staedler at LiveScience:

Renowned astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson urges Americans to become more scientifically literate in a short video he posted yesterday (April 19) on his Facebook page.

In the video he titled “Science in America,” Tyson comments on 21st-century attitudes toward science, explaining the importance of the scientific method and making the case that science denial could erode democracy.

“Dear Facebook Universe,” he wrote. “I offer this four-minute video on ‘Science in America’ containing what may be the most important words I have ever spoken. As always, but especially these days, keep looking up.”

Poseur. Democracy gets dismantled mainly when not believing the government of the day becomes a crime.

In about 30 seconds, Tyson explains how hypothesis and experimentation, fundamental ingredients of the scientific method, lead to emergent truths. “The scientific method does it better than anything else we have ever done as human beings,” he said. More.

One wonders, would Dr. Tyson like to comment on recent trends in which post-normal “post-truth,” and post-fact are finding a place in science, that objectivity is seen as  sexist or worse?

Don’t be surprised if some grievance-inspired Marchers hold those very views. They pose a more serious threat to science than anyone who just doesn’t believe current dogmas (but thinks that right answers do exist in principle.)

See also: Texas: The icons of evolution are STILL on welfare after all these years? Maybe the honor of mathematics is to get things right, as Prof Marks suggests, but the honor of the Darwin lobby is to shove in the world’s face the fact that it can compel a download of tax money by unleashing an End-of-Science! rent-a-protest at every meeting on the subject.

Marchin’, marchin’ for Science (Hint: the problems are back at your desk, not out in the streets)


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  • andycanuck

    Pluto-killing prick.

    • The Butterfly

      Never forgive. Never forget.

  • Clausewitz

    Tyson believes in science? I thought he only believed in his politically correct version of science which does not follow any of the principles of the scientific method. When does he start working for NASA?

  • Pat Riot


  • KillerMarmot

    Tyson might be surprized at the extraordinary number of scientifically literate people who view the claims of climate alarmists with skepticism.

  • Did it ever occur to this yahoo that if he wanted to convince people he should try – wait for it – reason and proof?

  • simus1

    Poor Tyson, he could have been a “contendah”.

  • DD_Austin

    Hawking, Nye, Chomsky, Suzuki, roll out the clowns

    Anyone who knows shit about science knows diversity is their only qualification.
    and they also know like confederate money some things aren’t worth what they used to be.