Hoaxer Who Humiliated the Huffington Post Has Lost His Job

Earlier this week, the gullible Huffington Post fell victim to a hoax article calling for white men to be stripped of their voting rights. The site became the subject of widespread derision and condemnation after HuffPost editors stood up to defend the article’s content.

But as was later revealed, the author submitted the piece to Huffington Post South Africa as a hoax, intending to prove a point about the outlet’s radical leftist stance. He did so under a fake persona masquerading as a feminist activist named “Shelly Garland.” He has since lost his job after being outed by the site… According to the site, the email address (Marius Roodt, a researcher at South Africa’s Centre for Development and Enterprise) used to submit the piece was traced back to him. The site claims that his identity was further “confirmed with facial recognition technology,” as he digitally altered a picture of himself to look like a woman.

  • That is sad. He did a great job! A public service in fact.

    • Exile1981

      He proved their corruption and bias.

    • Jabberwokk

      No good deed….

  • Hard Little Machine

    How do you fire someone you don’t pay?

  • Martin B

    No mention of any HuffPost editors losing their jobs That really proves his point.

  • The Butterfly

    Isn’t the Huffington Post the fake news outlet that put the future POTUS in the entertainment section?

  • clearsky

    I knew it was a hoax the day I saw it. The guy also set up a fake twitter where he defended FGM as a private matter between women and their imams. These views are not far off from average SJWs. The most funny part was HP editorial defending the article after the outrage. We live in times of insanity going mainstream.