Black Man Accused of Leaving ‘No Black People Allowed’ Hoax Sign at U Of Southern California

The University of Southern California has apparently identified the person who put up a “No Black People Allowed” sign and a Confederate flag on campus as a black man who’s not studying at the university.

According to The Tab, the university’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) is currently questioning the man, suspecting he recently put up the inflammatory placard together with a Confederate flag and “#MAGA” – meaning President Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again”.

  • txfella

    Anonymous, ‘racist’ signs, graffiti, etc are consistently hoaxes perpetrated by the very individuals purportedly targeted, and meant to harm the person or group “endorsing” the hoax.

  • Clink9

    When is all the crying, whining, pissing and moaning going to end.

    Get off your asses, work all day and you’ll never have time to feel like a victim.

    My favourite line from a co-worker as we drove by miles of welfare buildings in Toronto, “I’d work three jobs before living in there”.


  • I would like to remind everyone of the boy who cried wolf but I don’t think that these hoaxers have read that comic book.

  • Editor

    Relax. Asking for segregated “safe spaces” on campus is OK now.

  • roccolore

    Another racist black who gets away with it.

  • sk6actual

    Shocked the hell outta’ Angela Davis fer shua.

  • Shebel

    THEY just keep pushing and pushing and shoving and whining and pushing and accusing and pushing and threatening and whining and agitating and shoving and demanding and pushing ———