Woman in Indonesia caned under Sharia law for having sex before marriage

Jakarta: A couple was given between 23 to 25 lashes each in public, with a cane for having sex before marriage in Indonesia. The woman was robed in white, had her face covered and then made to kneel on a stage where she was punished in front of a crowd.

The punishment was in accordance with the Sharia law, which forbids having sex outside of wedlock and punishes all offenders publicly.

h/t TROP

  • Western feminists should show Muslim solidarity by administering the first blow.

  • Art Deco

    A bit of wisdom from Richard John Neuhaus: every society gets sex wrong. And every age. If you pride yourself for being part of a society that does not ‘stigmatize’ the sort of behavior my mother’s contemporaries called ‘loose’ or ‘cheap’, or being part of a society that does not cane women for fornication, just remember you’re part of a society which tolerates 700,000 abortions a year, unilateral divorce on demand, Miley Cyrus, and adultery among public figures.

  • The__Hammer

    That is progress, don’t they usually stone the women?