When Will Useless Foreign Aid Spending Just End?

The end of the Second World War saw a Europe truly devastated, prostrate; in some cities the number of buildings with an undamaged roof could be counted in the fingers of one’s hand, with winter aggravating survival of civilians. George Marshall’s idea of a massive infusion of American capital to Europe energized the continent in 1948. It is no exaggeration that it saved millions of lives and reconstructed entire countries. Such was the pace of rebuilding Germany and such was the shortage of manpower after the war that “temporary guest workers” from Turkey began arriving (the “temporary” guests became permanent and today are a cancer in German society). The Germans call it “the German miracle,” as if the rebirth came about in isolation, like Venus rising from the sea. Gratitude from those countries towards the United States proved ephemeral.

  • deplorabledave

    and all the euro trash are so grateful

  • stubb

    It used to be the rule that small, weak nations paid tribute to large, powerful ones. Or else. Now it’s the other way around.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The foreign aid giveaways will end when our foreign policy mavens have to spend their own money instead of ours.

    • canminuteman

      I was going to say it will end when the recipients stop giving kick backs to the political campaigns of the donors.

  • After thirty years, there should be at least ONE water filtration plant to show for it.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    The same amount of treasure and more has been dumped into Africa….how’s it lookin’ there?

  • favill

    When I arrived in Canada in 1974, at eight years old I saw my first guilt-inducing commercial for some charity that fed children in Third World countries. About a year ago (when I was 50), the same charity was still making commercials. I told my sons that charity was a fraud. I explained that in the 42 years since I became aware of that charity not one single country they operate in produced people who could sink a well, irrigate land, raise herds or generally feed themselves. I told them never to give money to these charities–because the only people they really help is themselves.

    • Watchman

      Live Aid, the 1985 concert that was held to aid the 41 million people in Ethiopia who were suffering a famine at the time, was meant to provide a solution. Since then Ethiopia’s population has grown to 104 million people this year, and estimated to reach 208 million by 2060. http://worldpopulationreview.com/countries/ethiopia-population/

      In the 1984-5 droughts and 8 million Ethiopians were starved, today 15 million are starving. The problem has only got worse, with many permanently dependant on food aid for survival. 80% of Ethiopians remain on farms, primarily involved in subsistence agriculture; food aid destroys any chance they can sell in a market glutted by free donated food and thereby prevents them raising their income and productivity.

      In the past, before our interventions, populations rose and fell. Overpopulation beyond land and weather sustainable levels led to starvation and a fall in population to sustainable levels. Our intervention has prevented this cyclic rise and fall and ensures a steady increase in population that remains unchecked by natural forces. As a result, the population has become dependent on food aid with the threat of horrific starvation should we cease to give food. If we did cease to do so, millions of starving migrants would seek to emigrate to their previous benefactors’ nations and these refugees would be deceptively termed ‘climate change refugees’ instead of the inevitable victims of our poorly thought through altruism.

      • UCSPanther

        Another thing to note about the Great Ethiopian Famine was that it was effectively Mengistu Haile Mariam’s equivalent of the Holodomor. Mengistu’s communist regime took advantage of a drought and poor harvests, and used it as an opportunity to rid themselves of populations who they felt were disloyal.

        Live Aid was also accused of inadvertently funding Mengistu’s regime and its enemies through corruption and theft.