We Few, We Miserable Few

Black students at Pomona College and neighboring schools in Claremont, California, have published an open letter declaring their hostility to free speech—other people’s free speech, that is. The letter shows that the faculty of the Claremont colleges are failing in their most basic educational duties.

The manifesto, written by “We, few of the Black students here at Pomona College and the Claremont Colleges,” was triggered by a statement on academic freedom by outgoing Pomona College President David Oxtoby.  Oxtoby’s statement in turn responded to a student blockade that tried to shut down a talk on policing I was supposed to give at Claremont McKenna College on April 6. Leave aside for a moment the signatories’ unblemished ignorance regarding free speech and the role of unfettered discourse in creating their own liberties. Viewed purely formally, the letter is a major embarrassment to the faculty of Pomona and the Claremont colleges.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Black studies, along with all other racial and gender studies departments, need to be eliminated along with affirmative action as the very fist steps toward educational reform.

  • Ed

    They’re low level students. They’re teachers are low level academics.

    The schools are lowering standards to make a buck. (And its the capitalists who are rapacious!)

  • Jason in KT

    “…the responsibility to preserve the legacy and honor of Northern Podunk Vocational Technical Institute..”

    Your most luminary alumnus will be the Parts and Service Manager at the local Kia dealership. Measure my “give a …” accordingly.