Trudeau in denial about border crossers

The Trudeau government is missing in action when it comes to combatting illegal immigration along the 49th parallel.

The problem is getting worse, and we now have evidence — courtesy of investigative reporting by the Rebel Media — that human smuggling rings are aiding and facilitating these illegal crossings.

And yet the Trudeau government has barely acknowledged the issue.

  • Oracle9

    I am appalled that those occupying our seat of government would support the one world government/soros mentality to work against us, the Canadian public.

    Rebel Media may expose the corruption but the CBC will never, ever, mention this outrageous abuse of our finite natural and economic resources.

  • Spatchcocked

    Trudy doesn’t know what to do……there’s only one thing to be done of course but Trudy can’t bring himself to do it.

    His globalist multiculti beliefs are so much more important to him than the well being and integrity of the country and the people he represents…..

    He could not care less about Canadians since we don’t as he states exist.

    I hope he chokes on this file……I think the people have had a craw full of this moron.

    • marty_p

      For the moment there’s no major outcry from the average citizen. Until then Turdeau will keep his head in the sand. The odds are pretty good most of these “refugees” will vote Liberal too so it’s a win for Turdeau et al.

      I like this story in today’s Toronto Star and Crescent – Mo wants to be deported and no country will accept him and he’s a “citizen of the world”…
      I smell a set up for a big lawsuit which the Feds will settle with cash and citizenship to make him go away.
      Maybe Dennis Edney can take his case.

      • Oracle9

        Vote whorin’ is the hallmark of the identity politician, the type who would sabotage their own country – encourage division and decay in their own society to feed their endorphin rush of political power.

        We saw Obama carefully choreograph his own evil ‘legacy’ to the point now where we see regular murders of police and open season on whites, just for who they are. Trudeau is no different in principle.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          ‘member when they said Harper was a coward because the RCMP put him in a closet when that shooter was on a rampage on parliament hill?
          I ‘member.

  • Canadian Born

    Why would he care, they are not at his back door!. I hope all the people that voted him in, choke on the words that come out of this feminists’ mouth. The only trouble is the ones that didn’t vote this pansy in, have to suffer to. Canadians should be first and foremost but when the leader is mentally challenged Canadians born and raised here don’t stand a chance. Shame on Trudeau!

    • Shebel

      I think Justin is smart and extremely ruthless.
      With the help of the CBC and their like minded Ilk , he will wait until an opportune time to ,finally , show that he is a decisive Leader.
      The People will eat it UP.

      • The Deplorable Rosenmops

        I think he is as dumb as a box of door knobs. He has handlers who may be smart.

  • Shebel

    Justin has boxed himself in with his Mister NICE Guy Image for the World to grovel over and adore. He loves it and he is excellent .

    Now he is in a Catch 22.

    He is Prime Minister of ‘CANADA’ .

    Does he act as Leader of Canada and do what is Best for Canada?
    Does he continue on his self -promotion CHARADE ?

  • Waffle

    In denial? Pul-eez!! I don’t think so. This arrogant prick knows exactly what he’s doing (or not doing). It is all going according to Sorosian plan. The real question is why are journalists who should know better tippy-toeing around this disaster in the making? Please Ms. Malcolm, a little honesty if you don’t mind.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I know why the journalists are what they are.
      They made bad career choices because they were no good in math and got sucked in by the easy money someone offered them to give up their dishwashing jobs.
      Now, they are middle aged hacks with two kids and a mortgage to pay.
      They are easily squashed like bugs if they don’t do as they are told.

  • Because voters blocks.

  • Shebel

    I don’t understand our Media.
    What do they hope to gain by misleading Canadians as to the hard Truths about the World ? Do they have some sort of Secret Agenda ?
    They did their best to portray Harper as some type of OGRE, as they still do for Conservatives . For me— One of the worst was when they ganged up to portray Harper as supporting Torture in Afghanistan ( ?). By doing this –they made Canada look bad on the World Stage. The Liberals and the MSM did NOT care how bad they made Canada appear to be. They just had to get rid of Harper.
    This really pissed me off and amazed me .
    I did not know ,how low Politicians would go to Win.
    For Politicians to Portray their own Country–Falsely– as supporting Torture for the World to see -and the Media to perpetuate these LIES—-

    Is Propaganda at the Least and Treason at the most Most.

  • Liberal Progressive

    But what is the difference to Justin, between a trans-national and and trans-gendered?

    If you shouldn’t question a cross dresser it is obvious you shouldn’t question a border crosser!

  • Shebel

    Justin thinks they mean ‘Cross Dressers’.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    The CBC refuses to acknowledge they are not in 1985 anymore.
    That when the X-Files said that the truth is out there they weren’t talking about aliens at all.