The Gramscian March and the Suiciding of the West

The term “suicided” refers to a homicide that appears to be, or at least is ruled to be, a suicide. One of the tropes of the Left is that Western Civilization, be it Capitalism, the Patriarchy, or White supremacy, will inately eat itself, and thus, in a sociatal way, commit suicide.

The Gramscian March, which has been the slow infiltration and mutation of key elements of society as a vanguard to total conversion, is, in effect, a “suiciding” of the West.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    Unlike the lyrics of this song, suggesting that suicide is painless, the slow agonizing death of Western civilization is, on the contrary, quite painful to witness.

  • PoliWach

    I can’t count the number of times I have warned that academia has to be reined in. Academia is an incubator for Marxist socialist Profs/universities/collages to ply the youth entrusted to them with their communist ideals and the idea that their own Country is shameful and must repent. Are our leaders dumb? uninformed? Surely not and if not shouldn’t Conservatives DO SOMETHING ABOUT the massive ruination of our youth?