Report: CIA, FBI hunting for insider who gave docs to WikiLeaks

The CIA and the FBI are looking for the person responsible for leaking top-secret material detailing CIA tools for surveilling smartphones and other devices, CBS News reported Wednesday.

The leaker is believed to be an agency insider, CBS News reported, citing sources familiar with the probe. The manhunt is part of a joint agency investigation into a massive security breach that led to the release of thousands of documents by the website WikiLeaks.

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  • Spatchcocked

    And Brennan a muzzie…appointed by Ozero to head the CIA.
    It boggles….it truly boggles how PC has corrupted us….

    Up to a mere 5 years ago I pooh poohed conspiracy theories.
    What a naïf I am.

  • So almost a year after the fact the CIA and FBI decide to pursue an Investigation the way they should have in the first place. Goes to show how totally politicized US security orgs were during the Hillary campaign. Instead of starting with the most parsimonious evidence, they embraced the wildest conspiracy theory imaginable — that Trump was a secret Russian agent. It really made US “Intelligence” look like a bunch of retards — they failed to notice that Trump was likewise falsely accused by the Dems of being a member of the KKK, “Hitler”, mysogynist, racist, etc. And when none of it worked because it was easily refuted, they came up with the “Russian” conspiracy theory. Because they knew it would take months or even years to get to the truth.

    It’s amazing that FBI/CIA failed to notice any of the above — they really came out looking like morons. It wasn’t a “Russian” conspiracy, it was a Hillary/Democrat/Obama conspiracy. The only people thus far who have been caught doing anything “conspiratorial” are people in the Democrat campaign.

    As for the Russians, I think in the end we will discover that they have been doing the same thing they have always done, along with the Chinese, and the North Koreans, and the Cubans, the Iranians, and the Arabs, and even the Canadians — trying to influence a foreign election to favour whatever candidate their leaders would like to see in power. Don’t forget that some Canadian politicians actually came to the US and campaigned for Hillary, or participated in anti-Trump protests. I don’t remember anybody from the Russian Embassy hitting the campaign trail for the Donald. There was probably more foreign influence on the US campaign from places like Marxist-Progressive Canada and Communist Cuba, than there was from Russia. There was plenty of foreign meddling, but it favoured the Democrats.

    • robins111

      There appears to be some weapons grade retardation with the dem party and the US intelligence community.

  • So it wasn’t the Russians? Shocked, I tell you.

    • In this case it would actually make more sense if it was in fact the “Russians” — a security breach like this is hard-core, something that is more typical of what a sophisticated intel org would be expected to do. Hacking the Dem campaign’s unsecured e-mail system (with a publicly-available “phishing” tool) is the sort of thing expected of the kid still living in mom’s basement. Either that, or someone in Russian intelligence was incredibly interested in John Podesta’s rice recipe.

  • robins111

    But but the Russians.

  • bob e

    It is probably Comey ..

  • K1

    How about an Old-Stock American?
    Everyone age 60 and under grew up apologizing
    Muslims CIA Workers=first duty is to the Koran 2nd is the CIA
    Italian CIA Workers=Mafia first duty to the Klan then the CIA
    and of course every other Organized Crime Klan yada yada