Inside the World’s first all-female special forces unit: Norway’s Jegertroppen

NORWAY’S experimental launch of the world’s first all-female military special forces unit has been hailed a resounding success as the ‘Jegertroppen’ mark their third anniversary.

The Jegertroppen – or “Hunter Troops” – was started after Norway’s Armed Forces’ Special Command saw an increased need for female special operations soldiers — particularly in places like Afghanistan where male troops were forbidden from communicating with women.

The exclusion of half the population was having a detrimental impact on intelligence gathering and building community relations.

  • WalterBannon


    What a joke

    Norway, is as bad as Sweden

    • Millie_Woods

      I would put them up against Sweden’s all-gay special forces unit any time.

    • Progressives live in a fantasy world.

      This is a perfect example.

  • vwVwwVwv

    Hey guys lets conquer Norway, lots of pretty trained girls for free and
    you get them as sexy as possible, with guns.
    girls with guns, don’t forget
    beer, it’s expensive
    in norway.

  • Brett_McS

    Ask the Israelis how that idea works out when things get serious, especially against a barbaric, misogynistic enemy.

    In any case, we learnt from the Berkeley riots that lefties naturally put their women on the front lines.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Israelis find plenty of combat roles for their women that don’t involve becoming grunts, such as operating drones and launching missiles. And let’s not forget the goodwill factor that arises from them turning their fatigues into fashion statements.

      • andycanuck

        Indeed. The Israelis did a study in the ’70s to test putting women into combat units, and it was a failure. The women couldn’t do their share of the work like carrying parts and ammo for heavier machine-guns; and the men became overprotective of the women to the detriment of the unit (like refusing to leave wounded women behind). Doubling the pool of available combat soldiers wasn’t worth it; but putting them in nontraditional, noncombat roles like vehicle maintenance to relieve men of those duties was fine.

        I heard the study discussed in the early 1980’s on Tom Cherington’s No Bull (IIRC) debate TV show for a debate between a male and a female Canadian Forces’ officers over putting women into combat roles in the CF.

        • Minicapt
          • andycanuck

            I guess we’ll see how it turns out in the next major shooting war then. A real field test.

        • K1

          This article is talking about INTELLIGENCE GATHERING
          …Arab women will talk to a WOman
          I agree women can not tump machinery like men we are not as strong physically
          We have the anger like a man though and we will protect our families, neighbours, countrymen
          Separate battalions are the way to go

  • mobuyus

    They’re very tough and those military issue dildos they’re carrying look like they’ll do the job.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    An advantage for this unit is, no 72 virgins for the Muslim men they kill.

  • favill

    Good luck with those Carl G rounds. When I went through Gagetown training as an Infantry Officer…the #2 on the Carl G carried those in his hands and one in his rucksack as well as his rifle. We didn’t have those straps to wrap around the shoulders…it was all brute strength. The idea was to allow the officer candidates the experience of what each man in his platoon would have to contend with when operating dismounted. So, EVERYBODY got a chance to hump the heavy gear contained in an infantry platoon. Good times!!