Illegal crossings are increasing and feds still don’t have a plan

The number of illegal border crossings into Canada has drastically increased from January to March, official data released by the federal government on Wednesday reveals.

Let’s hope this finally spurs some government action on this brewing crisis.

In March there were 877 of what’s referred to as RCMP interceptions — when someone is caught crossing illegally at a spot that isn’t an official port of entry.

  • Brett_McS

    They have a plan: Masterly inactivity.

  • Ed

    How exquisitely goosebumpy it makes liberals feel to think refugees are coming from AMERICA!!!

  • marty_p

    CBC “The National” had a segment last night on the “refugee” smuggler:
    The 9 illegal immigrants were “taken into custody” and then released?
    Logic would dictate they should be deported back to the US.

  • Waffle

    “Let’s also not forget these are just the people the RCMP discover, those who officially claim asylum. The number who cross into Canada unnoticed and stay off the grid is unknown.”

    Here’s a plan: immediately remove Trudeau and his puppet master, Butts and demand that the RCMP cease and desist acting like hotel bellhops. No more ‘catch and release’ It should now be catch and back over the border you go!!

  • Starlord

    PM umm duh ahhh

  • Sid Falco

    The plan is to let them all in.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Exactly, and flood Canada with as many illegals and tens of thousands of Muslims and Africans as possible. *sigh*

      • Sid Falco

        I was on the corner of Yonge and Bloor yesterday afternoon and there was some old black guy with a bible – Christian preacher type, droning on – and he must (I assume) have said something about gays so 3 or 4 SJW’s were shouting at him. One of them grabbed his phone and threw it into the middle of the road, calling him a homophobe. And one of the dickheads actually said to him “What about Chechnya?” – as if they’re Christians doing the persecuting there.

        Your classic GTA liberal cheering these chancers across the border is retarded.

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          I see the crazies – usually Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, and an assortment of Christian nutjobs – in Dundas Square, admittedly a place in Toronto I generally try to avoid at the best of times.

          These Social Justice Warriors you describe are pathetic. If you don’t like what the guy is saying, ignore him and move on. It’s really as simple as that, isn’t it?

          Alternatively, these SJW snowflake idiots can set up their own soapbox and preach about the greatness of the homosexual lifestyle or whatever they wish, right?

          • Sid Falco

            I bet they’re not hanging around that “cultural centre” beside the bus station taking anyone to task over Chechnyan gay-bashing.

  • Spatchcocked

    Just remember that diversity loving moron Trudy encouraged the border jumpers two months ago……don’t ever forget it. He told them Canada welcomes them!

    Now he’s holding a political bag of shit and has NO idea of what to do….

  • Ron MacDonald

    Trudeau will do nothing to jeopardize him being nominated for a Nobel.

  • Reader
  • Alain

    What we are seeing is their plan in action. Anyone, myself included, who thinks they wish to end it is foolish.