Evening photos

(1) Beautiful Day at Emerald Lake (Yoho, BC) by Shuchun Du

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(2) Country road in autumn (Netherlands) by Jan-Herman Visser

(3) Bodensee (Austria) by Andreas Schuller

(4) Misty fall day with a pumpkin stand (Vermont) by Bernard Lebleu

(5) Hello Spring by Sue Hsu

(6) San Vigilio panorama (Italy) by Georg Scharf

(7) Snowy scene near Bergen (Norway) by Merja (@mellaolsson)

(8) Country road (Bosnia and Herzegovina) by Adnan Bubalo

(9) Autumn aspens (Colorado) by Andrew Soundarajan

(10) Sun breaks through the mist by Svetlana Povarova Ree

(11) Devon panorama (England) by photofervor images

(12) Sunset
(Karlskoga, Sweden) by @wisslaren

(13) Winter scene (Mt Fuji, Japan) by @AK1

(14) Trail in the forest above Gasenried (Switzerland) by XFI

(15) Autumn foliage (Virginia) by Kevin Bruce Taylor Photography

(16) Snowy rooftops (Bern, Switzerland) [news photo from BBC]


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  • Ed

    I remember years ago, standing on that lake shore, taking in the view, when who should appear, but David Suzuki and a sycophant CBC press corps. Yammered on about something.

    Funny… he’s very sensitive to people around him. If you don’t visibly show that you’re in the presence of God, he gets quite pissed.

  • Moraine Lake in Alberta has similar colouring.

    • Frau Katze

      It caused glacial silt: mountain glacier grind the rocks to powder. You can see a great example where turquoise, silt-laden Chilcotin River meets the muddy Fraser.

      The Chilcotin River get glacial water from the Coast Mountains. The area is very inaccessible due to the rugged terrain. You can approach the edges but not any further, unless you’re a mountaineer.

  • k1962

    Beautiful B.C.