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“Refugee” Trafficking = Big Business

After being tipped off by a Town Taxi cab driver at the border that his company was providing “special services” to the fake refugees, I followed up.

At Town Taxi headquarters, I covertly interviewed Town Taxi owner Victor Pizarro, who admits he deals with brokers and runners from other states for the express intent of ensuring illegal entry into Canada for a fee.

U Alaska art exhibition displays Trump’s severed head

The work, created by Assistant Professor of Painting Thomas Chung, is being presented as part of a month-long faculty art exhibition in the university’s fine arts gallery, reports KTUU.

“It’s an image of the actor who plays Captain America, and two eagles are sort of screaming into his ears, and he’s holding the severed head of Trump, and there’s a young Hillary Clinton clinging to his leg,” Chung said to describe his painting. “I was reminded of those 80’s rock posters, where there’s a woman in tattered clothes clinging to a strong male hero’s leg.”

Chelsea Clinton Says Americans Were Too Sexist to Elect Her Mom

Chelsea Clinton likes cheddar cheese and Twitter and hates that America can’t come to grips with what the Clinton Foundation actually does. Oh, and her mother lost because voters are sexist.

Speaking to Variety magazine (she graces the cover in a white t-shirt, motorcycle jacket and a lot of Photoshop work), Clinton says she’s definitely not interested in running for office, but if she were, she’d have to contend with American voters who stubbornly refuse to acknowledge exactly how much she and her family have contributed to their lives.

South Africa must fall: protesters

The group of 50 protesters — led by controversial pastor Xola Skosana who claims Jesus was HIV-positive — walked 11.5km from Gugulethu to Khayelitsha in Cape Town on Saturday to highlight townships’ existence as “breeding grounds for black pain”.

Carrying an enormous wooden cross‚ the group has called for an end to “the colonial construct” that is South Africa.

Moral Outrage Is Self-Serving, Say Psychologists

When people publicly rage about perceived injustices that don’t affect them personally, we tend to assume this expression is rooted in altruism—a “disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others.” But new research suggests that professing such third-party concern—what social scientists refer to as “moral outrage”—is often a function of self-interest, wielded to assuage feelings of personal culpability for societal harms or reinforce (to the self and others) one’s own status as a Very Good Person.

Taxpayers to fund ‘open days’ at 13 mosques to help ‘break down misconceptions of Islam’ in Australia

The Islamic Council of Victoria told Daily Mail Australia on Tuesday it received an extra $16,500 from the State Government for the open day.

But the peak Muslim body received more than $95,000 in taxpayer grants in 2016-2017, an $80,000 ‘community harmony’ payout and $10,000 for a Muslim arts festival, the Herald Sun reports.

The Andrews Labor Government has long supported the Islamic community in Victoria.

6-Year-Old Boy Assists ISIS Executioner In Beheading Two Prisoners

A horrifying new ISIS propaganda video appears to show a six-year-old child assisting in a double beheading. The boy, wearing a black headscarf and camouflaged army gear, delivers a speech to camera while holding out two knives.

Executioners then walk past him and each take a knife before beheading their prisoners in Syria.

With the blade balanced in his hands, he asks that the terrorists who butcher the victims are given peace by the Prophet Muhammad and Allah before delivering the chilling line, ‘The infidel and his killer never meet in hell’.

MSNBC “counterterror expert” Malcolm Nance calls for Islamic State jihad bombing of Trump property

The far-Left Islamic apologist Malcolm Nance is the quintessential establishment counterterror “expert.” (I had to laugh when I saw his self-description: he says he is a “former Arabic speaking naval intelligence counter-terrorism and intelligence officer specializing in the Middle East.” “Former Arabic speaking,” eh? How did he forget all his Arabic?) His book on the Islamic State is a prime example of fake news: poorly researched, poorly written, apologetic and whitewashed regarding the Islamic State’s motivating ideology. And so it is no surprise that he would turn out to be, like so many Leftists these days, actually in favor of Islamic State action when it is directed against those whom he hates and fears. Nance and others readily traffic in the demonization and smearing of those who are pointing out how jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify violence and hatred; apparently Nance and his colleagues are just fine with the fact that if all those who speak out about the root causes of jihad terror are marginalized and silenced, the jihad will be able to advance unimpeded and unopposed. The Left in America today is increasingly violent, authoritarian, and intolerant of dissent.

Associated Press apologizes for whitewashing Fresno killer’s ‘Allahu Akbar,’ does IT AGAIN

Yesterday when the terrible news came out about the Fresno murderer who was killing white people and yelling “Allahu Akbar,” people noticed something weird about how the Associated Press reported it.

And they wonder why they’re called fake news.

Proof the New York Times Stealthily Revises its Articles after Publication

NY Times regularly revises its articles after publication. The revisions are substantial, undisclosed, and are nothing like real time updates in developing stories. These are regular articles that undergo dramatic changes that appear as if NY Times editors received a commissar’s call stressing the party line and demanding the article matches it exactly, with the NY Times editors dutifully obliging.

AG Sessions: 10,000 MS-13 Gang Members in USA; ‘We’re Going After Them’

Sessions said many of the MS-13 members would not be in the country if the previous administration had been stricter about border security:

“We are going to build a wall. We are going to add more agents on the border. The numbers have already dropped dramatically,” he said, noting that the number of illegal aliens trying to enter the country last month was the lowest monthly total in 17 years.

There’s sanctuary to the north.

Trudeau: Canadians have to move “beyond mere tolerance towards acceptance”

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has recently weighed in on the heated debate over the Friday prayers for Muslim students in public schools in the Peel District School Board (PDSB).

Trudeau reiterated that Canadians should behave “beyond tolerance towards acceptance and friendship” with other fellow citizens from all faiths and cultures.


  • tom_billesley

    Islamic Council of Victoria receives ‘community harmony’ payout.
    It’s so helpful of them to provide a translation of “jizyah”, but isn’t it supposed to be brought by individual infidels so they can show proper submission and be reminded of their inferior status?

  • DD_Austin

    If you look closely you can still see the Aga Khan’s semen on his chin

    • mobuyus

      Looks like it’s been there awhile…might be obama’s.

    • Dave

      I thought that was just the stupid oozing out.

    • Waffle

      I still can’t get past the madness in his eyes.

  • Etobicoke_Gladiator

    re: “Beyond mere tolerance towards acceptance and friendship”.

    In the workplace I tolerate being forced on occasion to work with Muslims but privately am never thrilled by the prospect. And, often, my interactions with them are not unpleasant.

    However, this will never translate into my respecting Islam or desiring authentic friendship with Muslims, who if they individually don’t want me to convert to Islam or die, then likely have family members who do or want all infidels to be overthrown in the west, etc. etc.

    Multiculturalism, for me, means having less and less in common with more and more people. Period.

    Trudeau is like a rock, only dumber. I’ve encountered rocks on canoeing trips in the Canadian Shield with more common sense than this idiot.

  • Ed

    We’re moving on from controlling how you behave to controlling how you think.

  • mauser 98
  • mauser 98

    NYT fake news alert…cooked WH Superbowl photos Trump & Patriots

  • TruthSerum

    My definition of Multiculturalism – written back in 2009 and, IMO, still accurate:

    Multiculturalism = rather than being based on mutual respect – is a parasitic ideology that encourages immigrants to not assimilate and to aggressively insist the invaded Western countries be subservient to them and their cultures. In my opinion, multiculturalism demands ‘reverse assimilation’ or the inevitable loss of the indigenous culture as native populations are brainwashed, goaded, shamed and threatened to place all other cultures above their own.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Indeed. I could have expanded greatly upon my definition of multiculturalism, but I restricted it to the impact it has on my daily life outside of interactions with family and friends.

      Government endorsed multiculturalism, and an idiot like Trudeau blabbing on about “post nation” etc. etc. and courting the Muslims like a Saudi Prince, is only adding fuel to the fire that is starting to burn more aggressively in Canada as the weeks go by.

      Of course, some natural diversity has always existed in Canada and other western societies, but mass migration and militant populations unwilling to assimilate is a novelty in the last few decades. *sigh*

      • Waffle

        We confuse the terms “”multiculturalism” and “multi-ethnic”. Multiculturalism is a POLITICAL ideology. It is evil because it divides and operates contrary to assimilation. In today’s culture of insanity and unreason, any and all attempts to integrate or even acculturate our diverse populations is branded as “racism”.

        Yes, Canada has been multi-ethnic since its inception. Certainly there were inequities and bigotries but we were progressing organically toward a fairer and more equal society until P.E.T. came along and f***ked it all up. How I despise that man!!! And now we have his brainless spawn ruining what we have left.

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          I still am a big fan of this late 80s book, ‘Selling Illusions’, by Neil B.:

          There are other terms requiring more precision, too, namely diversity, pluralism, and so forth. Frankly, political correctness with its relentless attack on traditional accepted meanings of basic words such as “racism” or “assimilation”, etc., has fucked up a lot more than our immigration policy.

          Yeah, Trudeau is the worst PM in the history of our nation. (“post-nation”?)

          • Waffle

            Thanks for the reading suggestion. Didn’t know about this one.

          • Etobicoke_Gladiator

            An indispensable classic written by a talented immigrant. 🙂 (Dare I say, these kinds of immigrants are rare nowadays in our post-nation.)

          • Maggat

            Which Turdeau? Kind of a toss up, a contest as it where.

        • Alain

          Well stated. Bravo.

    • PaulW

      That is multiculturalism in practice, when one of the participating cultures is Islamic. In theory, (stressing the word “theory” here) multiculturalism could work and be beneficial to the society in general, and to its component cultures – IF the contributing cultures all shared at least one value: a respect for other cultures and willingness to negotiate. Some for of the Golden Rule, in other words. Islam does not have this and so acts in a parasitical manner in any cultural relationship in which it appears. Multiculturalism cannot work with Islam in the mix.

      • TruthSerum

        I agree. My (former) blog primarily dealt with Islam in England.

      • Etobicoke_Gladiator

        Excellent post. Multiculturalism – Islam in theory could work, but I still would leave a lot of sociological and cultural problems in society. I am no fan of government sponsored multiculturalism, although natural diversity in society has always been a feature of the west and I think is desirable to a degree.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Politically, it is cultimulturalism.

    • A Hamilton Guy

      I have shorter opinion; It’s bullshit!

  • Editor

    Trudeau: Canadians have to move “beyond mere tolerance towards acceptance”

    Acceptance of a cult that promotes FGM, wife beating, taqiyya, killing infidels, throwing gay people off of rooftops, etc.


    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Hear, hear! Brevity isn’t always my strong suit. 😉

  • Tooth&Claw

    Dear Justin Trudope.
    You cannot force me to accept the unacceptable. One of those which is treating women as second class citizens in Canada. Your support of women is clearly wavering and insubstantial in the face of those who would control, denigrate and diminish women, especially if Islam is claimed as the reason for it. I pity your daughter.

  • Art Deco

    The cultural and political health of Canada will be manifest in a repudiation of the Trudeaus and everything they stand for.

    1. A velvet divorce between Quebec and Anglophone Canada.

    2. Limiting in each successor state the census of temporary residents (students, teachers, refugees, diplomatic personnel, and their dependents) to a fixed % of the native population, with admissions in a given year close to the mean number of verified departures over the previous half-dozen years.

    3. Limiting in each successor state the number of settler’s visas issued to 0.125% of the extant population unless the country is suffering a fertility deficit. As is, Quebec and Anglophone Canada do have fertility issues, but supplying the defect would require only 20,000 immigrants per year in Quebec and 80,000 per year in Anglophone Canada.

    4. Requiring that any aspirant immigrant to Quebec or Anglophone Canada pass a language proficiency test, a physical, and a background check before being placed in a global first-come-first-served queue. If the aspirant marries and has children while waiting, the place of the whole in the queue would be adjusted according to the date each person entered the family circle. At such time as their number is up, a re-assessment would be undertaken by consular officials and a cooling off period imposed according to law if any member of the family circle has committed crimes since passing the foundational background check. If no such delay is imposed, the family would be clear to enter at such time as every member over the age of 14 has passed a language proficiency test.

    5. Refuse to accept applications from single individuals if they’re from one of 25 problem countries. From problem countries, only families (mother, father, minor children) or older married couples could apply, and all members of the family circle over 14 would have to pass language proficiency tests and other screens. You could incorporate into this provision a dispensation for cultural minorities within those countries (e.g. Egyptian Copts).

    6. Place consulates which administer language proficiency tests in loci inconvenient for aspirants from problem countries.

    7. Suspend the right of residency of any settler who commits crimes in Quebec or Anglophone Canada for periods of time derived from the severity of the crime. Require they pass a language proficiency test if they’ve been out of the country for more than 4 years and wish to re-enter once their term of banishment concludes.

    8. Limit naturalization to persons who have spent the majority of their natural life as lawful and palpable residents of Quebec or Anglophone Canada (with time in the military abroad counting toward that goal).

    9. Declare that the status of persons born in Quebec or Anglophone Canada be a function of the status of their mother (or their father if they are of legitimate birth and he has a status higher than their mother). The children of illegal aliens would be illegal aliens; those of temporary residents, temporary residents; those of citizens, citizens. The children of settlers might inherit the status of denizen, or a settler with an abiding right of residency. The children of denizens might inherit citizenship. Naturalization would be limited to settlers or denizens who had reached the age of 25, who had been lawful and palpable residents of Quebec or Anglophone Canada for the majority of their natural life, who had passed a civics test, and who had explicitly renounced their previous citizenship if they were not from a country with which dual citizenship were permitted.

    10. Limit dual citizenship as follows: a Quebec citizen might hold a Canadian, French, Belgian, or Swiss passport; a Canadian citizen might hold a Quebec passport and / or one from one of the Queen’s 15 other realms. With regard to any other place in the world, when one is sworn in as a citizen (of Quebec or of Anglophone Canada), a letter goes out to the consulate of your country of origin renouncing without qualification your citizenship in that country.

    11. End contrived multiculturalism. Grant to all local authorities in Quebec and Anglophone Canada plenary discretion over whether to provide forms, signage or services in some language other than the dominant one of the locality. The one qualification would be that a defendant in legal proceedings could insist on an interpreter provided by the central or provincial government.

    12. End all anti-discrimination law with a few qualifications. Freedom of contract and freedom of association should be the order of the day. The exceptions would be as follows: civil service examinations and labor discipline (with permission to limit certain positions to citizens or settlers who’d put in time), public university admissions (with the same permissions noted), occupational licensure (with the permissions noted), services provided by natural monopolies; and food, fuel, shipping, and lodgings vended in remote areas like the Yukon. (Restrictive covenants on real estate are properly unenforceable).

    13. Tear up the Trudeaupian Charter of Rights. A concise and elegant bill of rights which guarantees free public debate (no group libel laws), guarantees the right to possess, enjoy, and defend one’s property with certain qualificaions, guarantees to all not outlaws one’s freedom to travel, guarantees one the custody of one’s minor children; guarantees due process of law; guarantees freedom of contract and freedom of association with select qualifications; guarantees the autonomy of the churches and of personal conscience with certain qualifications, and renders restrictive covenants and contracts for corvee labor unenforceable should be instituted.

    14. Be Canadian, happily loyal to Queen and Country, Her Majesty’s subjects in the unique matrix that is Canada.

    15. Be Quebecois, descendants of France in the unique matrix that is Quebec.


  • P_F

    Trudeau reiterated that Canadians should behave “beyond tolerance towards acceptance and friendship”:
    So what about the others, are they going to be more tolerant & ready accept Canadian values?? or they just accept the canadian passport & free money??
    IDIOT turdo

  • Poll Shows ‘Total Rejection’ of Islam in France Across the Political Spectrum

    Why can we not learn from the mistakes of others? Why do we allow our elected officials to destroy the civilization we built?

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      And, yet, the question remains: Will the French vote for Marine Le Pen and once and for all confront Islam?