Après Trump

The approaching French elections show a deepening American influence.

My American friends often ask if Donald Trump’s election has any repercussions for the French presidential election, the first round of which takes place on April 24. I’d normally be inclined to say no, because presidential elections remain mainly domestic matters, but the American model is gradually influencing French politics.

Thus, the main right-wing party, originally Gaullist and Christian Democrat, took the name “Republican” two years ago—a direct reference to the Republican Party of the United States. Its candidate, François Fillon, appeals at once to social conservatism and to a market economy, which is exactly the American synthesis that the French Republican Party intends to represent.

  • Brett_McS

    Après Trump, le Australian PM has cancelled the foreign worker visa program, saying priority must be given to Australian workers.

  • Bless his heart

    The fight against invading and conquering armies has long been an American and a very French trait.
    The US rejected the king’s armies when sent to subdue the Americans.
    The French rose up with The resistance during the Nazi occupation.
    Now all must resist the intention invasions to conquer of the Islamic hijrah jihad.

    Resistance to conquest is French, and it is American.

    Viva la France!