In celebration of Earth Day this Saturday, let’s review how the Sierra Club sold its soul and screwed the Earth for a $100 million donation. They must hate themselves for it, so why shouldn’t we hate them, too?

After Teddy Kennedy’s 1965 immigration act began dumping millions of Third-Worlders on the country, the Sierra Club talked of little else besides reducing immigration.

In 1970, the club adopted a resolution complaining that the country’s growing population was polluting the “air, water and land” — to the point that “our very survival (is) threatened.”

In 1978, the Sierra Club adopted a resolution urging Congress to “conduct a thorough examination of U.S. immigration laws,” noting that the United States, Canada and Australia were the only countries admitting “more than a handful of permanent immigrants.”

In 1980, the club dropped its promotion of birth control, in order to focus on immigration. “It is obvious,” the club said, “that the numbers of immigrants the United States accepts affects our population size and growth rate,” even more than “the number of children per family.”

In 1989, the club’s Population Report expressly called for reducing the number of immigrants.

In 1990, the club’s grassroots leaders voted overwhelmingly to launch a major national campaign on the immigration problem.

Would any of this be of interest to an alleged environmental group? It used to be — until the early 2000s.

That was when the Sierra Club was given $100 million by hedge fund billionaire David Gelbaum in exchange for never opposing immigration again. The club said, How dare you ask us to abandon our principles for filthy lucre!

Just kidding! It said, SURE! Did you bring the check?

Mass Third World immigration is a triple whammy for the environment because:

1) Millions more people are tromping through our country;

2) The new people do not share Americans’ love of nature and cleanliness; and

3) We’re not allowed to criticize them.

  • marty

    A donation with conditions isn’t a donation but a contract.

  • Hard Little Machine

    I just saw a TV PSA about the evils of human trafficking produced by the very same people who are advocating massive illegal immigration. I guess the issue for them is that their beloved illegals have to take shitty sex worker jobs.

  • Funny how pretty much ALL environmentalists are far left open borders kooks now. This, despite the filth and pollution that invaders crossing the southern border into the U.S. leave all over the place in their wake. Also, why are environmentalist protesters all such litterbugs? They always leave a big mess for someone else to clean up!
    Great article, I’m glad to learn how some of the insanity started, thanks!

  • Dana Garcia

    Coulter left out some rather important details. The Gelbaum bribe of $100 million was a secret for several years and many club members were shocked and confused at the complete reversal of policy. As a result, an insurgent group was formed (SUSPS) and ran a club-wide referendum to return the Sierra Club to its earlier, truly environmental policy of limiting immigration — which failed after a media campaign with the usual charges of racism etc.

    The insurgents also ran several outstanding candidates for the Board of Directors, including Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepard fame and the former Governor of Colorado Dick Lamm. The whole movement fell apart when it was learned that the Sierra Club was bought and paid for by the Gelbaum cash.

  • mauser 98
  • canminuteman

    There has been a lot of news lately in Canada about the skyrocketing price of housing. It has got to the point where the government feels the need to step in and “do something”. Every time this discussion starts on the radio in the car I wan’t to scream “STOP IMPORTING PEOPLE!!!!!”.

    Not once have I heard anyone say that the skyrocketing price of real estate might have something to do with the millions of people we are importingl

    • bargogx1

      Just today I was reading about overcrowding in hospitals, and the exact same thing crossed my mind. It’s affecting the quality of our lives in so many ways.

      • Alain

        A visit to just about any hospital will confirm what you suspect, since the number of patients who don’t speak English and are very elderly seems to be the majority. I recall being sent once to one and was the only one who spoke English. I thought at the time that there was no way all these very elderly East-Indians could have contributed to the tax system and yet are sucking it dry.

    • Alain

      I would also want to scream when I hear “the government must do something”.

  • bargogx1

    It’s not just the natural environment suffering the effects, but also the manmade environment. The infrastructures of cities all over North America are buckling under the weight.

  • Brett_McS

    The local councils in Victor Davis Hanson’s area (Selma, CA) ignore the toxic waste dumping, the abandoned cars, the semi-wild dogs etc, etc that the ‘new immigrants’ contribute to the environment. They also leave any cleanup to the likes of VDH. Then, to add insult to injury, the councils will relentlessly hammer the long-established residents for any trivial infraction of some arcane regulation.

    • Alain