UK: War on Free Speech at the National Union of Students

The great effort of the present-day censors on campuses across the West is to make speech synonymous with action. Campaigners against free expression claim that words not only “wound” people but actually “kill”. They claim that people associated with any group being criticised are not only suffering a verbal “assault” but an actual “physical” assault. Those who campaign against any and all criticism of Islamists, for instance, not only claim that the attacks are “Islamophobic” and target “all Muslims”. They also claim that such words cause violence — including violence against any and all Muslims.

One of the notable things about their objection is that the people who make such claims rarely if ever exercise the same civic hygiene they demand of everybody else. It is interesting to consider what would happen were anyone to demand the same standards of these campaigners as they demand of others.

  • simus1

    The red fascist thugs assaulting ordinary people on the streets or at public gatherings without being arrested are just the symptom. Their enablers are in the university lounges and administrations, the city councils, the police HQs, the prosecutors offices. They all know who holds the whip hand and are determined to protect their asses and promotion prospects.