This High School Girl Had A Water Gun On Campus. Now She Is EXPELLED FOR A YEAR

Water Pistol

In the latest incident of anti-gun hysteria to erupt in a school setting, officials overseeing a school district in Alabama have expelled a 16-year-old girl for an entire year because she had a water gun at school.

Prior to her yearlong expulsion, the student, Sara Allena “Laney” Nichols, attended Prattville High School Prattville, a town of 35,229 just northwest of Montgomery.

  • WaterGunLogic

    Squirt-squirt… that’s what she said! 😀 *drumroll*

    Seriously, it’s not possible to keep a straight face anymore to the ridiculous, absurd, and embarrassing decisions of “adult” people. She had a WATER GUN, that shoots water… W A T E R. Get a grip (no pun intended).

    Next up: Suspended for making finger-handgun sign… oh wait. That already happened. Erm… so, now what?

  • So what would they do with an actual gun?

    I daren’t ask.

  • Jaedo Drax

    They made an example of her…

    It gets worse, one of the boys who gave her the watergun was caught on April 3rd with a replica gun, along with another boy, and they were given an in-school suspension.

    read the whole thing, and you should see why government workers should never have been granted ‘qualified immunity’.

  • canminuteman

    They did her a favour. She is better off without them.

  • mobuyus

    Never play with guns.

  • Waffle

    I thought everyone had a water gun — to keep kitty from ruining the furniture,

  • FactsWillOut

    Sue the principle, teachers, and the libtard feminazi who ratted her out, for millions.
    Alabama is an open-carry state.

  • LairdKintyre

    When I was five years old I walked into church with a toy cowboy gun hanging out of my pocket like in a holster. People laughed and thought it was cute. Times sure changed.

  • BillyHW

    Why do we let women and faggots educate our children?

  • WalterBannon
  • roccolore

    But bad teachers get reprieves.