Malala in Lalaland

Two aspects of Malala Yousafzai’s speech delivered to a packed House of Commons April 12 were notable.

The first was her failure to mention Stephen Harper, let alone thank the former prime minister who was behind the move to grant her honorary Canadian citizenship.

But it was what Malala said about Muslims and Islam that was both inaccurate and lacking in total honesty.

Malala is just a token that the Liberal-Left trot out when they need to feel good about Islam.

  • Starlord

    Great article. Lalaland (Canada’s new name) led by PM uh duh umm and his merry band of islamists.

    Post nation is code for ripe for islamification.

    • Islam succeededs in complete societal brainwashing by indoctrination of its children in their first years of life.

      Malala’s reality if forever distorted by this Islamic brainwashing.

      • Starlord

        Amazing the brainwashing… their founder was a murderer, thief and just all round bad guy…anyone in their right mind would run the other direction.

  • ontario john

    But mentioning Hitler Harper would go against the petty vendetta feminist Trudeau has going against him. As far as Malala is concerned, I’m going to piss large groups of people off by saying she is an idiot. It is her religion that got her injured, and is persecuting female students. And that moron Trudeau surrounding her with muslim cabinet ministers, isn’t going to change that fact.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      I agree 100%. Idiot, yes. Wicked evil totalitarian cult of a “religion”, yes. Persecuting female students, yes.

      Trudeau loves surrounding himself with muzzies. Sadly, yes.

      • Clink9

        The left would believe Harper shot her if Turdo told them that.

        • A Hamilton Guy

          Betcha’ she only said what the lieberals wanted her to say. She didn’t write her speech.

    • Alain

      She has exposed herself as another Trojan horse.

  • Sid Falco

    I can only imagine the wild applause when the ugly little creep distanced Islam from murdering Nathan Cirillo.

  • Barrington Minge

    Trying to work out how (or indeed why) one might feel good about “islam”

  • Waffle

    So glad that a truthful Muslim (I know, I know — a complete oxymoron) wrote this piece and not, heaven forbid, some pure white h8ter who might have an agenda.

    In fairness to Malala who survived a bullet to the brain, Tarek may be a trifle harsh. After all, such trauma might have the effect of rearranging a few brain cells. Or it might not.

    I could not help but ponder on others who have survived this terrible trauma.The first time I was ever aware of such an incident was when I hard about Unity Mitford who did the deed herself.

    Unity was one of 6 daughters of a minor British aristocrat who had developed a mad crush on Adolph Hitler, of all people!! They had a sorta, kinda type of relationship for a while, primarily so Hitler could make Eva Braun jealous. When Hitler told Unity to return to England, distraught, she tried to kill herself. She failed. She lived but the bullet remained in her brain until her death 10 years later.

    My point? Unity was pretty whacked out to begin with, so I doubt that the bullet in brain made much difference.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Liberals tend to swat away most of any reality that doesn’t agree with their own. Similarly, the liberal Jews roll their eyes and tell you that the other 99% of Judaism ‘isn’t real’. What they mean is that their belief system is liberalism and the Venn diagram of where their beliefs intersect with the real world are fairly small. In the near future, middle class progressives will try to create a new world religion called ‘NPRism’ where the One True Faith is about progressive ideals and totebags.

  • pdxnag

    By refusing to declare your apostasy from inherently offensive and violent Islam you too can be as nutty as Tarek Fatah.

  • ismiselemeas

    There’s no doubt she took one for the team but the problem, I think, lies in the cult of the child god that is common across the region. It’s a mish mash of reincarnation belief and purity of youth etc. Other examples are young kids being able to recite the koran verbatim, the Dali Lama, you et the drift. Instead of just fixing the problem they elevate a kid to the status of demi-god to highlight the problem. In the end nothing changes but the kid’s family is enriched. It’s a tradition of fakery that goes back thousands of years, relatively clever people pulling the wool over the eyes of utterly stupid people.

  • simus1

    Some people like her have little trouble believing their own made up nonsense.

    Some even manage to spout multiple versions of contradictory nonsense at the same time and attack anyone who points that out. They are called career politicians.

    • ontario john

      Something like a Jewish child who is released from a concentration camp, and saying it has nothing to do with Nazis.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I never knew that simply getting shot by a muzzle’em can turn someone into a knowledgable authority.

  • Gary

    Look at how Obama praised Mariam Monsef as a refugee success story by Liberals which was to help is plan to flood the USA with muslim refugees. Obama smiled as he exalted her for fleeing Afghanistan by camel and Donkey as refugee that made it to canada and is now an MP in the federal Government.
    But wait a moment there Obama. She wasn’t from Afghanistan but Iran, plus her mother went through 3 Safe-Nations and saw how canada had a better welfare system where she boarded a Plane for Montreal to scam the system as a “refugee” .
    Mariam Monsef committed Citizenship fraud and wants us to believe that she didn’t know any of her history in Iran.
    What matters now is that both Afghan and Iran murder gays which she has yet to denounce which means she supports it.

    Go to the 06:00 mark and hear Obama praise this Criminal because he so need a success story over a muslim refugee.

  • Gary

    Malala suffers from what I call the ‘ Battered Muslim Syndrome ‘ which is much like the battered spouse syndrome which is common in Women’s shelters .

    Muhamad was an abuser both for the psychological torture to break people down and the Physical beatings or threat of death for denying he not a peaceful man.

    The abused have a pattern where they blame them self for provoking the attack as well as excusing away the violence while insisting that nobody fully understands them as they do .
    Just like the abused clings to the hope that ‘this time’ the person has changed and will be kind….. the battered muslims cling to the false islamic utopia once people follow the true islam and the real peaceful muhammad.
    For 1400 years the followers of islam keep promising Peace on Earth and Justice for everyone when islam is practiced correctly . This is much like Communism that is being pushed on campus where it was never implemented correctly and will work this time in the USA.

    The road to hell is lined with Mosques and Red flags with the Sickle & Hammer .

    No matter which muslim you talk to….it’s always the other 1.2 billion that have it all wrong and don’t understand the quran or muhammad. CAIR tried to get sharia in Canada in 2005, I watched Sheema Khan on TVO during a debate where she said it will work in Canada even though its never worked in any islam nation EVER.

  • ed