Human smuggling charge laid in case of asylum seekers crossing Sask. border

RCMP say a human smuggling charge has been laid in relation to asylum seekers who were attempting to cross the U.S. border into Saskatchewan.

The RCMP has been tight-lipped about the incident but say the charge was laid on Saturday.

A press conference was scheduled for Tuesday but was deferred to Wednesday.


  • Liberal Progressive

    Is Justin going to do anything to stop this Islamophobia?

    After all Hijra, the purposeful migration of Muslims as a means to spread Islam, is a major founding tenet of Islam.

    Therefore to prevent any and all Muslims who want to migrate whereever they want must be Islamophobia!

    • John Boy

      Clearly if Justin doesn’t allow the continued and expanding flood of Muslim migrants into Canada he must be a “racist” “islamophobe”.

      Perhaps Muslims should announce their own Canadian political party as they eventually do in western countries once they have large enough numbers and have already changed the countries they have migrated to?

      Or why doesn’t Justin just tell us “old stock” Canadians to kill ourselves?

  • H

    If anything really comes of this (and time will tell) Faith Goldy of the Rebel deserve a lot of the credit for being the only journalist to aggressively pursue this story. For the MSM it’s consistently been “see no evil”. What Trump had for breakfast is a more important story in their opinion. So thank goodness for alternative media.

  • ontario john

    That’s Islamophobic, and an insult to our new state religion. Was it a United Church minister charged??

  • Oracle9

    If our government was paying attention we would advise the US that we intend to build a border wall and the US will pay for it.

  • mauser 98

    ‘see see..we’re doin our job …really are ‘
    …asshole gave his cowboys a script

  • k1962

    I’m glad the illegal aliens were taken into U.S. custody. Maybe it will have a slight deterrent effect on future que jumpers.

  • simus1

    The Canadian Baloneyum Consortium is such a bargain.

  • Alain

    Human smuggling indeed and the RCMP are also guilty acting like hotel porters and assisting them across.