How ‘Islamophobia’ Endangers Us All

To clarify: “Islamophobia” is a propaganda neologism with no fixed meaning.

Nowadays, it is frequently used to refer to two phenomena that are actually quite disparate: vigilante attacks and harassment of innocent Muslims, which are never justifiable; and honest examination of how Islamic jihadis use the texts and teachings of Islam to justify hatred, violence, and oppression. Both are called “Islamophobia,” and held to be beyond the pale in polite society.

  • Gary

    Yesterday I pointed out how the Media and John Tory are quick to condemn any alleged act of violence to a Mosque as a hate-crime and islamophobia to be denounced. We also saw John Tory and Premier Wynne condemn the protesters outside that Jew-hating Mosque near City hall in Toronto.
    The islamists are watching how the Politicians react to these acts of violence to all Religions but make note of how THEY can LIE about islamophobic acts to Hijab wearing muslims or go as far as vandalizing their own mosques . I have seen 4 cases of the Imams damaging the Mosque for sympathy right after a Global terrorism act by a muslim .
    There were two fabricated attacks out West where one had a Security Video system for Insurance reasons but the Police reported that it was turned off that Night for first time in 4 years . How nice, the media shows up to cover the smashed windows and hear the Imam say how terrified the people are by the anti-muslim bigotry…..but just 3 days later we see how someone shut off the Video Cameras.

    There were 2 cases in Ontario . One was the Pickering Mosque that was tied to CAIR and Maher Arar for being Sunni Saudi funded and Whahhabi . The alleged arson and damage was covered by the Media as a hate-crime …but the Police reported that the 9-1-1 call about a fire at 03:00 am was traced to the Mosque .
    The muslim custodian said that he just happened to be there that Friday morning at 3:00 am and had smelled the fire . There were doors smashed in and widows broken while they thing he noticed was the Women’s entrance awing that was on fire.
    Hmmmm, no qurans were damaged in the Library and only the Women’s entrance was set on fire. This was also prior to the Friday prayer for maximum sympathy.
    I followed the story and surprise surprise…….. the Imam had filed for a Saudi Funded Mega Mosque which was illegal for the Zoning By-laws by the height and parking space in a residential area.
    Then the recent Peterborough alleged Arson was in Mariam Monsef’s Liberal Riding where we saw Justin rush there to condemn the Unproven islamophobia.

    M-103 is a hoax , we all know that the fake News reports for islamophobia will be collected and cited to justify teaching islam in Schools and the work place.
    The debate will NOT use actual Crime stats for Conviction in the Courts over a hate-crime because the fake reports are about 98% of the allegations that we wil lsee being treated as factual Crimes with arrests .
    John Tory spoke about the church arson on Easter Sunday but would not call it hare crime. He is in the video saying it’s vandalism.
    Yesterday I send a message to the radio Host on 640 am because during her Morning show on Monday i did NOT hear her call it a hate crime or Christianophobia.

    • Etobicoke_Gladiator

      Sadly, M-103 is real due to the profound ignorance of Canadians and the result of Leftists in power.

      It appears that the de-Christianization/atheism/agnosticism of a majority of Canadians, the aggressive government-enforced doctrine of multiculturalism that means a watering down of any national character, and postmodernism/relativism has corroded our leaders’ ability to think clearly about any and all issues.

      Basically, we’re fucked under the Trudeau regime.

  • pdxnag

    Just a precursor to the day when happy Muslims will chop the head off apostates and blasphemers. Make evil Mohammad and Allah happy. It is all a Muslim demand to shut up, and be happy. 🙂 [chop chop]

  • Alain

    There is no such thing as ‘islamophobia’, but there is Islam which most certainly endangers all of us.