Hang Trump Prof Placed On Paid Leave By University

Paid vacation is more like it.

A professor of American history who tweeted that US President Donald Trump “must hang” is on paid leave.

Lars Maischak, who teaches at California State University, Fresno, has taken a voluntary leave of absence for the remainder of the spring term.

Professor Maischak could not immediately be reached for comment.


  • Hard Little Machine

    Lars should hang. His family should hang.

  • Paid leave? Sounds like a vacation.

    How about just firing him?

  • Spatchcocked

    A grown educated man…..a professor ferkrissake…..with tenure……publicly fulminating like an untutored lout ….
    We’re doomed.

    • KillerMarmot

      No tenure. He’s a lecturer, which is pretty low on the academic totem pole.

  • Gary

    So a Lynch Obama poster is racists and hate……but it’s okay for a White president .

  • KillerMarmot

    As vile as Maischak is, I say only fire him if he is charged and convicted
    of a crime.So far as I know, what he did was on his own time using
    his own resources.

  • CodexCoder

    How about an all-expenses paid trip for an extended stay at Leavenworth, Kansas?

    • KillerMarmot

      There’s a reasonable case that Maischak broke the law. If he’s found guilty, fire his ass for moral turpitude as per his contract.

  • roccolore

    I guarantee you that if he were a conservative advocating hanging Hillary, he would have already been fired.

    • KillerMarmot

      I guarantee you that if he were a conservative advocating hanging Hillary, he would have already been fired.

      And would you agree or disagree with that action?

      • roccolore

        Agree. Universities are expelling men for instances of alleged “rape” that most likely never happened.

        • KillerMarmot

          Even handed then. I would only support firing if the action was criminal, which can only be determined in a court of law. I base this on the grounds that freedom of speech and conscience should only be overridden in the most extreme of circumstances.

  • simus1

    The “adminis traitor” who granted him paid leave needs to be given the boot.

  • David Murrell

    Not much of a punishment. The spring term is almost over, so all the university has to do is to give out tests to students in his classes, all while the mini-Hitler gets paid leave. Then, when the anger simmers down, the fool is back at work.