Fishy, fishy, fishy! PBS relates tall tales from US to Canada border-crossers!

You’ve heard the news, we’ve reported it for months, that fearing the Trumpster, migrants are flooding to the Canadian border into Prime Minister Trudeau’s waiting and welcoming arms.

Here we have PBS interviewing a couple of Africans who feared if they stayed in the US, Trump would be rounding them up to return them to Africa. Their tales of woe are transparently and obviously fishy!

  • BillyHW

    It’s like the Underground Railroad. Only this time it’s above ground. And televised.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Isn’t lying to gain asylum illegal?
    Maybe every asylum case for the last 25-years should be re-investigated for fraud, and the asylum seekers sent home.

    • Liberal Progressive

      It’s not illegal under Sharia Law.

      In fact Hijra, Muslim migration to spread Islam, is one of the founding tenets of Islam.

      So even questioning any Muslim about such things is religious repression and Islamophobia!

    • Alain

      I’d go back further than 25 years.

      • Drunk_by_Noon

        Now that you mention it, I’d go back to all immigrants admitted after Jan 1, 1965 and ALL of their children and grandchildren.
        I’d not only look at each immigrant, but all of their offspring (welfare usage and criminal activity) in determining if they could stay.
        I bet over 90% of them wouldn’t make the cut.

  • Gary

    When someone breaks the law to get in….does Trudeau really expect they will make a great Citizen????
    Look at the Muslims that is suing Canada over her Niqab at the Citizenship Oath taking. She’s not even a citizen yet and already suing us…just wait until she get a free lawyer while on welfare and makes money on Lawfare and extortio n as we saw for Maher Arar that sued us for $400,000,000.00 for what happened in his Homeland of Syria.

  • Dana Garcia

    They are trained by do-gooder refugee workers to say they will be KILLED if forced to live in their home country.

    It’s amazing that anyone manages to survive abroad at all! Perhaps Diversity is not as wonderful as its proponents say…