The De-Professionalization of the Academy

In the fall of 2005, I began working as a full-time faculty member in the General Studies program at Hudson University. I was promoted to full Professor last year. Thus, the tale I tell does not represent sour grapes. Rather, what follows is a jeremiad decrying the direction that academia has taken in order to underscore the threats posed to academic integrity and institutional legitimacy. Over twelve years, I have watched with increasing dismay and incredulity as academic integrity, fairness, and intellectual rigor have eroded, with the implicit endorsement of administration and faculty alike. I have witnessed the de-professionalization of the professoriate—hiring policies based on tokenized identity politics and cronyism, the increasing intellectual and ideological conformity expected from faculty and students, and the subsequent curtailment of academic freedom.


  • Editor

    It may take a hundred years but eventually, every leftist idea, trend, policy, ideology and social movement will be seen for the utter nonsense that it is and hopefully discredited. The left is destroying western civilization. From feminism, identity politics, cultural marxism and relativity, gender fluidity, pathological altruism to social justice and safe spaces. It is all based on lies.

    • Exile1981

      I’m doing my part in not hiring anyone who graduated with lefty degrees or who shows lefty ideals during an interview.

      • Editor

        Two birds with one stone as it were. Good for the long term eradication of the poisonous leftist dogma and safer for you, as an employer, never having to deal with snowflake “sexist air conditioning” workplace bullshit.