How The SPLC Shakes Down Family Members Through Legal Bullying and False Denouncements of “Racism”

Once they denounce you as a “racist” they then have moral license to do anything they want to you and even extort money from your own mother. Yes, the SPLC really ARE that evil and with the help of an an utterly uncritical media, doing these things is effortless.

The complaint outlines the political climate in Whitefish and interaction between Gersh and Sherry Spencer, Richard Spencer’s mother, that preceded the stories on The Daily Stormer.

According to the complaint, some residents of Whitefish had been growing discontented with the Spencer family. It said their displeasure “reached a fever pitch” after a video was released showing Richard Spencer “spouting racist rhetoric and declaring, ‘Hail Trump! Hail our people! Hail victory!’ at a gathering of white nationalists giving Nazi salutes” after November’s election of Donald Trump as president.

Some members of the community believed that Sherry Spencer was financially supporting her son, and they considered protesting in front of a commercial building she owns downtown, the complaint said. Some community members contacted Gersh, one of the few Jewish residents of Whitefish, and a tenant of the mixed-use building asked Gersh to reach out to Sherry Spencer, the lawsuit said.

“Ms. Gersh declined at first, then reluctantly agreed to consider accepting a call from Ms. Spencer, thinking it unlikely that Ms. Spencer would actually call.

“But Ms. Spencer did in fact place a call to Ms. Gersh. Ms. Spencer asked, ‘What should I do? What would you do?’ and expressed concerned over the turmoil her building had caused in the community.

“When Ms. Spencer lamented the trouble her building was causing, Ms. Gersh wondered aloud why Ms. Spencer was keeping it and said that if she were in Ms. Spencer’s situation, she would sell the building, make a donation, and issue a statement disavowing her son’s views.

“Ms. Spencer took these ideas and ran with them, imploring Ms. Gersh to serve as her real estate agent for the sale. Ms. Gersh agreed.”