Christians demand investigation of transgender promotion in Alberta schools

EDMONTON, Alberta, April 18, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A Christian political action group and a parents group are responding to the controversy over a pro-life group comparing the Holocaust to abortion by accusing the New Democratic government of promoting unscientific and dangerous gender ideology.

  • Manual Paleologos

    Karl Marx said that religion is the opiate of the masses. For Liberals, sex is the opiate. Promise them a chance to screw, and they will sell their birthright for a pottage. Liberal followers have already done that. Nothing must be allowed to interfere with that message. They must sexualize our children, so they can have access to to them.

    We absolutely must exterminate the Liberal Vermin that infest our school system. If they succeed in corrupting our children, then we are lost.

    Sorry about that, good teachers and voters, but you have to harangue, harass, and if necessary, terrorize the Liberal Scum out of the system. If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. No prisoners. No quarter.