Campus clash: Students battle over what constitutes free speech

Kevin Arriola never thought of himself as an advocate for free speech — but then he found himself waging a court battle over it.

“This really opened my eyes and made me realize that all speech should be protected,” says the Ryerson University political science student who started the Men’s Issues Awareness Society. “Today it’s me that can’t talk about men’s issues and men’s mental health. Tomorrow it might be another group.”

Women actually make up most of the group, which is confined to meeting in a tiny room that’s more like a closet because the student union refused to give the group official status, saying it was anti-feminist and would make female students feel unsafe.

  • BillyHW

    You can battle over whether or not you want free speech, but you can’t battle over what constitutes free speech. That’s retarded.

  • terrence22
  • Waffle

    I have maintained for a long time that mob censorship takes place on the campuses of universities because students have been ill-served in their primary and secondary schooling.

    I hesitate to use the word “education” because they have not received one — or at least one that I recognize. For starters, they cannot spell nor do they use proper grammar. They have not been required to read the great books which comprise the cannon of Western literature. Complex and controversial topics have been reduced to catchy memes. The study of history has been sneeringly dismissed as a matter of opinion.

    So, lacking the basic blocks required for understanding and the discussion of uncomfortable ideas, our anarchists-in-training resort to thuggery. CLOSE UP THE HONKYTONKS!!