A Few Scenes, Drawn from Life, of the Latest in Muslim Outreach (Part I)

1. “Islam Is Not A Monolith”

You’ve just decided to attend a Meet-Your-Muslim-Neighbor gathering at a local mosque, the one that was built a few years ago to accommodate a swelling population of Believers. When the plans for the new mosque had first been announced, some people objected to its being built, but they were denounced in the local paper as being “Islamophobes.” They had actually been worried only about increased traffic in a residential area, and said so, but few believed their story, and the local Muslims publicly decried this act of “bigotry,” even though the same objections had been raised previously by the same people about traffic problems resulting from the construction of other, non-Muslim buildings. Only a few intrepid souls were prepared to withstand the ordeal of being labelled as “Islamophobes,” and those few who continued to object to the mosque were quickly silenced...