Rita Panahi: Muslim video condones domestic violence the Left won’t touch

IT’S hard to imagine anything more ludicrous than two Muslim women trying to defend their faith against claims of misogyny, by discussing the implements that husbands can use to beat their misbehaving wives and describing the abuse as “a beautiful blessing”.

Striking a blow for women’s rights everywhere, the women demonstrated the correct manner in which they should be hit and the type of tools appropriate for the job, including a small stick.

  • Starlord

    Sweet mother of God… the force isn’t strong in these ones…

    • A perfect example of the “Stockholm Syndrome”.

  • Dana Garcia

    That sort of diversity showed up in Sacramento recently, but the wife fought back and then had her kids taken away by authorities. Crazy. Muslim immigration is always wrong.


  • Spatchcocked

    The Koran says a “small” stick…….not an “ugly” stick like wot these broads have been hit with…
    What would Ian Dury say ?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I never got into Ian Dury.
      Music used to be expensive.
      Was he any good?

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Would a toothpick be acceptable?

  • Barrington Minge

    Sad in the extreme. Pathetic is too soft a word.

  • sk6actual

    And Preogdemlibtardian outrage could be heard all the way to …, right? Oh, that’s right, a tax return riot is more important.
    Can’t fix stupid.

  • Remember – asking questions about this will be recorded and used against you at a human rights tribunal. Motion 103 has all but guaranteed that.

  • Gary

    I used to love it during the old days when David Menzie was on the Tuesday radio show with Susan G Cole . She bills herself as a Jewish feminist and self-identifies as a Lesbian but refused to denounce the pro-hams groups in canada or the jew-hating homophobic mosque , or Mosque in the valley park public school.

    She aspires to be a comic but even with her short stints on stage I have seen how she’s quick to bash Christian males and the Church plus Jews and rabbis ….but won’t go near islam or Imams .
    I’ve even seen a video of Naomi Klein at a FREE-Palestine rally where she’s claims to be a feminist and is Jewish. History repeats itself as they act nice to the muslims and hope they don’t get tossed into the Ovens.
    Appeasing the islamists will only get them the benefit of being tossed in the ovens last.