Muslim who killed five people inside Macy’s at Washington mall found dead in jail cell

Arcan Cetin Muslim Terrorist

The Washington state man who killed five people in a deadly mall rampage last year has died.

The Skagit County Prosecutor’s Office told NBC 5 the body of Arcan Cetin was found hanging in his Snohomish County Jail cell shortly before 9 p.m. on Sunday. He died from an apparent suicide.

The authorities were still working on a motive, though Cetin had shown interest in ISIS.

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    • Alain

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    Good news on two levels: one POS gone and tax dollars saved.

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    He should never have been allowed to make to a jail in the first place.

  • eMan14

    We need more good news stories.

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    Well that saves us a lot of money … buh bye.