Laughing at socialism in theory and practice

I’m tempted to say that statism is sort of like a cult. Proponents of socialism and other big-government ideologies have a dogmatic zeal that blinds them to reality.

For instance, no nation has ever become rich with big government. But that doesn’t stop leftists from advocating in favor of higher taxes and more coercive redistribution.

They are equally capable of rationalizing that economic misery in places such as Greece and Venezuela has nothing to do with bad policy, and you can even find a few zealots willing to defend basket cases such as Cuba and North Korea.

  • ntt1

    Thats because ,even though millions have died, it just hasn’t been done right any where ,ever. there are just too many people who are capitalist roaders , who sabotage the struggle and create the need for secret police and gulags as revoliutionary protective mearsures. I have heard it all and it never changes ,its the CIA who destabilized… it was bush…. itwas,,, never a deadly failure of an ill thought out ideology.

  • “The Korea experiment:”

    Take a homogeneous ethnic group. Dived them into two groups.

    Group 1 uses a controlled centralized economy.

    Group 2 uses a decentralized free enterprise economy.

    Add in sixty years. And what do you get.

    North and South Korea.

    Where would you rather be poor?