Cleveland Facebook Killer Steve Stephens Still On The Run

Police are hunting a killer who shared a video of the moment he shot dead an innocent man in Cleveland and claims to have slaughtered 14 more.

Steve Stephens, 37, is on the loose in the Ohio city after he filmed the murder and posted it on social media at around 2pm Eastern Time on Easter Sunday.

  • “…residents in the states of Pennsylvania, New York, Indiana and Michigan as well as Ohio should be on high alert.”

    They didn’t need to warn us in West by God Virginia.

  • ed

    i have the unedited vid not very nice to see ! trimmed version on my twitter [ neil jetel twitter ]

  • Exile1981

    At least less media are claiming he’s a dark skinned caucasian anymore.

    With that beard he looks muslim and aeveral sites say he is…. but not sure how accurate that is.

    • I’m seeing the Islam claims too but right now that can’t be confirmed.

      He sure looks Muslim, though. Acts it too.

  • Did you look in the mosque?