Primary school took pupils to meet an ‘extremist’ imam at the mosque where Lee Rigby’s killers worshipped

Primary school children were taken to meet an Islamic preacher described as ‘extremist’ at the mosque where Lee Rigby’s murderers worshipped.

The trip saw pupils from Kilmorie Primary School in Lewisham, London, meet controversial preacher Shakeel Begg, who the High Court said ‘promoted and encouraged religious violence’.

Students at the school, aged eight and nine, were taken to the Lewisham Islamic Centre to take part in a discussion with the imam.

The visit has sparked outrage from a Tom Wilson is a fellow at the Centre for the New Middle East at The Henry Jackson Society.

  • Starlord

    religion of peace founded by a murderer, robber and pedophile. nuff said.

    • Gary

      Bill Clinton ???

  • JoKeR
    • Gee I wonder why.

    • terrence22

      Saved it – thanks for pointing out the ban

      • Maggat

        Times two, in spite of it’s being utterly disgusting.

  • QiPo

    Child Abuse! Some parents should be organizing lawsuits pronto. If you don’t know why I say this, you too are desperately in need of an education.