Krayden: Trying to see through the Liberal smoke screen

“…I will dispense with the usual arguments about why marijuana should not be legal in Canada. I will even avoid pointing out that the legislation is rife with internal contradictions and pregnant with marketing and distribution problems.

But it is certainly beyond reason to suggest that making it legal is going to prevent youth from accessing the drug and using it. If it is available to them now, when the drug is illegal, it is the height of absurdity to suggest that making it legal will somehow strangle the illicit trade.”

  • ntt1

    trying to see through any trudeau speech is pointles, these are the vocalizations of a truley profoundly stupid man, the words just lie there , dead on arrival. its all feelings not words and feelings are what motivates the idiot.

    • You’re right empty cliches interrupted by nonsense.

      • andycanuck

        But… but… he was paid for public speaking!

  • taxpayer

    Yeah, but it’s “green” & it will make “ev’y boday riche”. Especially Liberals & the ones backing them.

  • ontario john

    While the little dick head is concentrating on making it legal for himself to smoke grass with his buddies, little media attention is being given to the senate report about military spending. Spending on the military has reached historic lows, and is reaching a crisis point according to the senate committee. It is now at .8 per cent instead of the 2 per cent recommended by NATO. Will this Trudeau have blood on his hands, like his father did for not providing safe modern equipment?? Especially if he wants to win that security seat by sending in our troops to islamic shit holes, with worn out equipment.

  • robins111

    Mark my words. The libs will load the dope legislation up with vast amounts of pointless restrictions simply because they are libs. The one thats gonna prove the most interesting is the toking in licenced establishments. Can you see the entertainment if someone lights up a tobacco cigarette to smoke some oil.

  • Dave

    “these are the vocalizations of a truley profoundly stupid man.” And you just can’t fix stupid.