Christian values being lamely defended up against radical forms of Islam in Australia

This might not seem a very warm-hearted piece for the Easter Sunday edition of your newspaper. The general approach on this special weekend is to err on the side of pleasantries and emphasise the positive. At a time when the world is so bitterly divided along religious lines – and when soccer teams, shoppers, servo attendants, Coptic Christians in Egypt and tourists visiting Westminster are the deliberate subject of the most vicious attacks – sorry, but 1000 words of cheeriness seems sadly out of place.

A couple of years ago I had a mood-killing disagreement over dinner with friends. We had been talking broadly about the miserable state of the world, and the whole Islam versus Christendom thing.

  • H

    For decades, Christians in Western societies have been the object of scorn, ridicule and outright aggression from people like the author of this piece. And then he thoughtfully wonders why “those who adhere to decent Christian values can be so lame in advocating and defending those values”.

    • He has a point.

    • favill

      So this guy and his ilk spend 2 or 3 generations de-clawing, de-fanging, and belittling Christianity…and when their “cherished Western values” are being impinged upon they wonder why Christianity isn’t coming to their defence. FU.

  • Gary

    I stumbled on a Video from a Mosques during a search for another fake islamophobic act to find the whole story.

    There was Dan McTeague and Mark Holland as Liberal MP’s showing supoort for the muslims. MP McTeague likes to pretend he’s a Catholic since it worked well for Martin and Chretien.
    That’s why he took the Mic and praise Muhammad as the last prophet and allah as the true god of all gods. Jesus warned that if you follow me but deny me in front of man ….I will deny YOU in front of the Father.

    Poor Dan Mc Teague….. he doesn’t really want to be a muslim to support killing gays and jews…..but he denied Jesus while inside a Mosque with dozens of witnesses that worship a false prophet while their hearts are dirty and void of love.

    The Liberals and NDP say one thing in public to the media but we know they tour the Minority community to tell them what is needed to get their votes. At least with the CBC you know upfront they hate the jews, Military , Christians while they love Hamas and any dictator that hate Trump.

  • northofnowhere

    Australia and the U.S.A. have both denied entry to hundreds of syrian “refugees” with ties to terrorism. Either Canada has been fortunate to get only the actual needy refugee or we now my have hundreds of radicals in our country.

    Place your bets!

  • ismiselemeas

    The article is tired old news. The real news is in the video. Canada doesn’t have a single woman willing or able to appear on a national broadcaster and tell it like it is. Muslim men “marrying” underage girls is institutionalised child rape (pedophilia) and the feminists on the left are utterly silent about it. Of course, the same applies to FGM, the burqa etc. Where are our commentators willing to stand up and be heard. Your average Aussie women would drink your average Canadian bloke under the table in two seconds flat. They don’t take shit.