Wellesley College Students: ‘Hostility’ Is Warranted Against People Who Say Anything Offensive

Freedom Of Speech

The editorial staff of Wellesley College’s student newspaper recently wrote that anyone who dares utter a politically incorrect thought should be met with “hostility.”

The editorial started out as an explainer about why there’s not a free speech problem on their campus and that their reputation as “house flowers who cannot exist in the real world” is entirely unfair. Then things get weirder. The student editors say it’s fine to suppress and deny people the right to speak their minds if their thoughts offend others.

  • Watchman

    I find what the editorial staff of Wellesley College’s student newspaper have written is totally offensive. Does this now justify action against them?

    • Hard Little Machine

      Of course. I recommend kersone

      • Slickfoot

        And a road flare.

  • TheStupid1

    These adult children need spankings. And by spankings…. their face kicked in. Their shitty parents didnt do it so we will have to make up for them.

  • J. C.

    Something tells me that their ‘hostility’ will be met with outright violence… People who aren’t afraid of political correctness usually aren’t afraid to fight.