Concordia University Urged by Major Canadian Jewish Group to Take Action After Student Government ‘Exploits Passover’ With Anti-Israel Event

An official with a prominent Canadian Jewish group demanded on Friday that Concordia University administrators take action against the Montreal school’s student union (CSU) after it was involved in an anti-Israel event that he called an “exploitation of Passover.”

Aidan Fishman — campus advocacy director for B’nai Brith Canada — told The Algemeiner that the CSU should face “serious consequences for blatantly hijacking a Jewish holiday” by participating in a “Passover Against Apartheid” event on Thursday. The CSU provided space in its lounge for the program to be held in.

  • vwVwwVwv

    university? hmmm this is called a university?
    what do they teach?

    • Clink9

      The World According To Hamas.

    • WalterBannon

      How to kill infidels

  • Del Evans

    Respond with a flier that shows all the hateful rhetoric spewed by musllim imams in Canada. You could call it Evil Islamic Doctrine or just E.I.D for non muslims.

    • FactsWillOut


    • terrence22

      But, that would make ISLAMOPHOBIC and in violation of TrueDOPES “law” against such “hate”

  • FactsWillOut

    What to do when one encounters offensive ideas:
    Counter them with reasoned, factual ideas, in this case, the savagery of the palis.
    What not to do when one encounters offensive ideas:
    Whine to Big brother to “do something.”

  • Marvin

    These people don’t hate Israel.

    They just hate us Jews and wish we were all forced to renounce Judaism or were put to death.

  • K1@highmoralsuffering

    Don’t you just hate when you are in a war
    (Israel vs Arabs-of-Pseudo-Palestine)

    Your friends and relatives and countrymen are under ….


    …. many having died already!!!!!

    ….and some jackasses start spewing moralistic shit like

    “practice solidarity with Palestinians.” this Passover!
    ….naughty, naughty, …. you did not learn your lesson! tsk, tsk.
    Don’t you know…!!!…
    YOU are supposed to take the HIGH MORAL GROUND
    You are supposed keep taking the attacks because …
    ….UN-sophisticated, under-dogs like the Arabs-of-Pseudo-Palestine really don’t know what they are doing and we must be tolerant until they learn that the Western dispute process is the best…and everyone knows that Western countries must remain VICTIMS TO IDEOLOGY
    … how many more murdered-in-their-beds Israeli children can we serve to you?…

    • FactsWillOut

      Funny how the Israelis continue to negotiate with the savages who have clearly said they wish only to annihilate Israel, and all Jews, for that matter.
      Israel’s failure to clear out the viper’s nest of Gaza shows the Israeli regime to be a bunch of cucks, just like the rest.

      • A Hamilton Guy

        The Israelis are class act up against a bunch of devil worshiping fools who are catered too by the over ego’ ed fools.