Where are Canada’s motions condemning extremism and terror?

Terrorist attacks have been as unrelenting as ever. On March 22 a 52-year-old man stabbed a police officer after mowing down pedestrians near the British Houses of Parliament. The attack resulted in five deaths and several injuries. One of the slain was a mother of young children on her way to pick them up from school.

  • David Murrell

    Why no such motions? To have such motions would entail being opposed to war Islamic-based crimes. Politically-correct society supports war crimes.

  • Recursion: Motions against (islamic) terrorism would be islamophobic, subject to the motion against islamophobia.

    • Observer

      Of course! Because it is against one of the major tenets of Islam.

  • Martin B

    They can’t condemn the Muzz and pander to them at the same time.

    • Will Quest

      It would trigger Tater-Tots muzzie cabinet, heads would role …. ALLAHU-ACKBAR …….

  • Morticiaa

    Fascists lliberal government
    New levels of personal invasion in their mandatory surveys
    Asking dozens of invasive personal questions
    Over 6 months
    6 interviews
    So outrageous and they think Assad is a criminal
    L FS. Labor force survey
    Look it up you will be horrified

  • Canada botched the Air India investigation and subsequent trial.

    Why break a trend?