The Question of Saving Syrian Children

“…War always affects children, and what so many of us have been slow to understand is that before Assad was gassing children, he was blowing them to bits. Bulldozing them over with tanks. Starving them to death. The gas is what got us. All the other things he has done (and any warring power must eventually do), and we have drawn the line at the gas. We made a law that nobody must use gas, and because we made a law, we have made everything else seem like less of a crime. What we have not asked is how many of Assad’s friends’ children have been killed by the rebels. We have not asked who the rebels are or why they are rebelling or whether they are better than Assad. But we want to meddle in Syria as we meddled in Iraq – as we meddled in Iran – as we want to meddle everywhere we see pictures of people being brutalized. Our hearts and our wallets lead us to break hearts and drain wallets. We worry that Syrians are dying, so we may send Americans to die.”